Creative ways to boost workplace morale

- January 24, 2017 2 MIN READ

Employee motivation is a key element in workplace productivity. If you’re tuned into the workplace, you will be able to notice when employees display symptoms of low morale. The best way to approach low morale employees is to embrace positive changes before it takes hold and frustrates other employees. While morale alone may not necessarily increase productivity, the things that good employers do to buoy morale, such as investing time and effort into understanding their employees and making sure they are engaged, will result in productivity returns.

Here are five key ways to boost morale in an organisation:

1. Define core values and stick to them
Core organisational values help to define what is expected and respected within the organisation. Whatever these values may be, what matters most is that they are unwavering and clearly communicated. Putting these values into action will help employees and management become more closely aligned.

2. Encourage conversation
Very few people enjoy working in isolation. Regular interaction keeps employees more engaged and connected. Even brief conversations among colleagues can have a significant effect on employee morale. Regular conversation can be encouraged by providing social spaces or digital engagement platforms for employees to interact freely.

3. Build relationships
Giving employees the opportunity to interact easily is the first step to building relationships in the workplace and throughout the organisation. Providing engagement channels and encouraging people throughout the company to converse with anyone else in the organisation helps to build social cohesion from one end of the business to the other.

4. Be flexible
There are often very good reasons for employees to be in the office between the traditional nine-to-five office hours. Face-to-face meetings and business events require physical attendance, for example. Otherwise, flexible working hours let employees take care of other aspects of their lives, leading to greater worker satisfaction.

5. Celebrate achievements
Publicly acknowledging a job well executed by an individual or team will often encourage employees to go the extra mile. Another way to celebrate achievements is to simply remember to thank people for completing a task well. Although this is small way to recognise successes, it can be effective.

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