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If there’s one thing that all small business owners have in common, it’s the desire to keep outgoings as low as possible whilst trying to compete with bigger brands. The ability to pay a small fee, either monthly or annually, as opposed to a large lump sum, helps democratise essential services that small businesses might otherwise not be able to access.

Below is a list of the five subscription services which I believe small business owners shouldn’t be operating without.

Ask any business owner about their biggest challenges and I guarantee that getting paid will be top of the list. Invoice2go solves this problem by making it easy for small business owners to streamline admin processes, send attractive and professional-looking invoices on the spot, and accept online payments.

Keeping track of sent invoices, knowing when they’ve been opened and who still owes you money are some of Invoice2go’s most popular features. It gives you the ability to set up automated reminders to send your client a friendly note about upcoming or overdue payments, meaning that you’ll never forget to chase payments again. The automated aspect of it makes the process of chasing a little less awkward too.
Cost: There are a range of subscription packages starting at AU$30 per year.

Dropbox Business
Dropbox Business is a file sharing and cloud storage solution which enables employees to share, sync, and collaborate on files securely. Nowadays, you need to be using a platform which enables you to collaborate easily with staff remotely. For companies which employ third party services such as designers and content writers, Dropbox offers an easy way to share information and collaborate on the same documents in real-time.
Cost: Monthly subscriptions start at AU$11.57.

Tableau is a self-service visual analytics platform that enables organizations of all sizes to unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people. Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data.

Gone are the days where only the highly skilled IT professional had the expertise to gain insight from their company’s data. Tableau enables small business owners to quickly gain actionable insights from their data to help them make business decisions across every area of their business, from sales and marketing to supply chain and HR.
Cost: Subscriptions starts from AU$46/month.

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Slack for Teams
Most professionals will admit that they spend far too much time on email, and when it comes to the overall productivity of a business – that is a major problem. With Slack, you can bring all your businesses’ communication together in one place, providing real-time messaging, archiving and search.

It’s the simplicity and immediacy of Slack that is most impressive. Whether it’s pinging a quick message to a team member or sharing a quick link to a group – Slack offers a communication service with is far quicker and easier to use than email.
Cost: Monthly costs start at AU$6.67.

What tech does your small business need?

In a nutshell, TruRating is a customer feedback platform. Businesses are able ask customers to rate aspects of their experience when they pay for their item(s) using a payment terminal. All ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so that you can use this insight to make business decisions quickly. For growing retailers who are wanting to overtake competitors, TruRatings is worth trying out.
Cost: Initial sign up fee is $100 and monthly fees start from $25 per month (per outlet).

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