“We have a five-star difference”

- November 7, 2017 2 MIN READ

Amber Moncrieff, Practice Director at Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle shares her insights behind their points of difference in this highly competitive market.

“We have been in practice now for 8.5 years. When we first started off we were a more general practice. We made a change at the beginning of this year – really to just focus on breast and body surgery.” She adds, “My husband is a plastic surgeon and my job is to look after the business side of our practice. We love making a tangible difference to peoples lives. With something like plastic surgery … you can see the effect quickly and it is quite transformative.”

She says what sets them apart from other practices that are operating in the same space is:
1. “We have a specialist plastic surgeon. Not a cosmetic surgeon, not just anyone with a basic medical degree. A plastic surgeon like Dr Moncrieff … in his case with 17 years of training and study before he became a plastic surgeon.”
2. “We have an award winning service.”
3. “We are really upfront about costs. Before someone invests their time and money in seeing us. It is all very transparent on the website.”

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As this market has become more competitive Amber says the practice has had to become smarter about marketing. She says, “Simply word of mouth is not enough anymore. We started using Snap fairly early on in our practice life. Often I’ll mock up something that I think will look good. I use an online service just to give myself an idea of what I would like. I’ll often give them idea of what I’m after and they’ll come up with something that looks professional.”

Amber continues, “Snap have created most of our printed materials. Everything from business cards to brochures to documents for patients. Snap have produced really beautiful looking documents. Always easy and a very high quality. I’ve never had to send anything back.”

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“Our Snap franchise has been here for 31 years”

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