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Exploring Smart Hardware Solutions for the Road Warrior

- April 30, 2018 2 MIN READ

With digital transformation in the workplace on the rise, many small businesses are embracing the flexibility this brings to their workforce. New laptops and 2 in 1 devices powered by the next generation of Intel Core processors, free employees from their desks. It’s now simple to work on the road or at home without compromising productivity or performance.

It’s a trend that will only increase as more businesses embrace the wave of change. A recent survey found 72 per cent of employees would like more flexible working arrangements. So, it makes sense for your business to support digital transformation.

As more SMBs welcome the move to a mobile workforce, the beating heart driving this transformation are the latest 2in 1s and 8th Generation Intel Core powered laptops. They boast great performance and battery time, making them perfect for road warriors.



Working with outdated tech not only impedes productivity, it is far less secure than working on the latest devices. Many of the next-gen Intel-powered PCs offer two-step authentication which includes biometric measures to make your laptop or 2 in 1 more secure.

A recent report by McAfee suggested SMBs were the latest target for cybercriminals. In 2017 one in three small businesses in Australia revealed they had experienced a cyber attack. Forty five per cent of those surveyed said they had been the victim of an attack in the past twelve months, with 21 per cent being attacked three or more times. It’s an alarming statistic and all the more reason SMBs need to ensure their employees are equipped with the latest tech.

Of course, there’s more than security to consider when kitting yourself or your employees out to work remotely. If you truly are a road warrior, then lugging around a heavy laptop is never going to cut it. If you have 7 kilos of carry-on and your old laptop weighs in at 3-4kg, that doesn’t leave you much wiggle room.



This is where the latest 2 in 1s can also come in handy. They combine the versatility of a tablet with the practicality of a laptop. They multitask seamlessly, boast day-long battery life, measure around 11mm thick and weigh little more than a kilo. These road warriors are beloved by business travellers as they provide the flexibility of a fully-fledged PC for work whilst in laptop mode. Yet they can be used in tablet mode for leisure. It’s simple to catch up on emails and write reports then flip, swivel, or detach your 2 in 1 to tablet and stream the latest Netflix show for maximum viewing pleasure.

With 2018 possibly the last year that businesses can claim the $20K instant tax rebate for equipment, isn’t it time you considered updating your staff’s gear? Check out Lenovo’s customisable range of PCs, including the award-winning and lightweight Lenovo X1 Carbon that’s perfect for business owners on the move.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Weighing in at just 1.13kg and with an Intel eighth gen processor on board, this sleek new laptop from Lenovo is customisable to suit your needs.  A sleek design is coupled with superb responsiveness and reliability. It offers Global LTE-connectivity as an option and provides up to 15 hours battery life, making it a perfect solution for the world-travelling road warrior.

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