Ditch the socks and nightgowns and opt for an experiential gift this Xmas

- December 20, 2017 3 MIN READ

A love for adventure and the great outdoors prompted Anthony Boucault to start the Experience Co. Thrillseekers from around the globe are delighted!

“I’ve had a love for the wilder, rather than milder, world of experiences since my early teens. With each new adventure I went on, I felt more compelled to share my journey with as many people as possible,” says Anthony Boucaut, Managing Director of Experience Company.

an experience can be a perfect Christmas gift

Boucaut tells Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) his thrill-seeking ways eventually inspired him to start a skydiving company, and later branch out further into the realm of one-of-a-kind adventures by setting up The Experience Company.

While Boucaut says he is less adventurous now than in his younger years, nonetheless his company continues to deliver once-in-a-life-time opportunities for the adventure junkie.

For Boucaut the recent rise in popularity of experiential gifts is easily explained.
“The modern day is full of constraints, from the push for longer work hours and a constant sense that we have no time, to general worldly issues, no-one really has the energy to put into exploring what’s out there anymore. But we all want to be adventurers, even just for that brief moment, and we all want to experience what it’s like to be an explorer,” he says.

According to Boucaut Experiential gifts resonate with all demographics and create a very unique and personal value, the memory of which lasts a lifetime.

“That’s why established experience networks like Experience Co offer a perfect solution, all you have to do is turn up.
Boucaut believes a great experience is one you talk about for years to come and that it is essential to set the mood for a memorable event.

“If you’re talking about it five years later, it was fantastic.  [But] it can only be fantastic if the staff who guided you through that experience were exceptional, and if your perceived value of the experience was exceptional. So, it doesn’t just come down to the activity, but the details in the moments around it. How you were made to feel in the lead up, during and after it. It’s all about fun and positive connections with the people that are taking you on the journey, so that you can fully engage with the activity.”

Recent studies have shown millennials seem to be particular fans of ‘experiences’ but Boucaut suggests a great experience has the ability to resonate for all ages.

“I believe at heart we all want to be explorers, we all want to taste the unknown, climb mountains, jump off buildings, dive in oceans, and be wrapped up in everything life has to offer. Millennials have a strong passion for living their lives in the moment and hosting a ‘we do it differently’ attitude. Unlike previous generations who were indebted to mortgages and sacrificed their desire to explore the world, this new generation of people want to put themselves first.

“Moreover, with the prevalence of social media bucket list items have become hot topics on most timelines and Facebook posts. There’s a definite trend of people proving to their friends and networks that they’ve faced their fears and tackled another item on the list.”

Indeed Boucaut tells KBB an experience can be a perfect Christmas gift.

“Dad has enough jocks and socks. Mum doesn’t really like the dress but feels obliged to say it is wonderful. Experiences create memories that last forever and torturing your siblings with things they would never normally do, it’s the best form of sibling rivalry and even better when you pay it back,” he laughs.”

As for the one experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list, You can probably already guess Boucault’s go-to adventure.

“I’d suggest skydiving as the most pure adventure tourism experience. However, depending on your taste for mild or wild experiences, anything that borderlines on the wild side and that involves getting skyward or taking to water is always great.”

Think you want to dive into the world of experiential gift giving this Christmas – Why not check out The Experience Co.

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