Money Business: Goal Setting = More Profit
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Goal Setting: April 1

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We’ve found that when it comes to money and business people face three key challenges. 

  • Being overwhelmed with all the options and unsure of the best way to get started
  • Your personal profit stream from your business is inconsistent and unpredictable
  • You can’t find the balance between getting ahead with money and having a (good) life

The ultimate result: you end up trapped on the hamster wheel, working your butt off for much less than you’re worth, and getting ahead slower than you want.


We started the Money Business financial education framework to help you; cut through the noise, information overload and analysis paralysis, build a reliable and predictable stream of personal profit so you can get ahead financially with confidence, and build your money momentum.

The ultimate result is business owner freedom. Where you actually get the reward you deserve for the work you put in.

Money Business: Goal Setting = More Profit

As a business owner trying to get ahead, unless you know where you want to end up it’s impossible to figure out how to get there. In this session, we’ll dive into how to set solid goals for your business and your money. We’ll also help you understand the key principles you can use to start making progress toward those goals faster and easier.


  • How to set good goals for your business and money
  • How to increase the profit you ACTUALLY get out of your business
  • A banking framework to eliminate the juggle while making it easier to save
  • How to leverage your existing business assets to increase the profit and value of your business
  • How to improve your business owner mindset and build the skills to drive your success
  • Your next steps and how to get started

Please note: This session is designed for business owners, self employed peeps, and freelancers. The content is specific to people that work for themselves and content is less appropriate for employee workers – as awesome as you all are 😉

Date and time
6:00pm to 7:30pm

Presented by
Ben Nash