These tips will make you create a successful event

These tips will make you create a successful event

Hosting an event for your business can be an exciting and effective way to launch a new product, venue or connect you with like-minded individuals in your industry. There are so many benefits to hosting an event for your business, such as gaining market research direct from your consumers, testing new products before they launch to market and giving you the opportunity to spark up conversation with people you have dreamt of collaborating with.

Here are 5 steps to bring your dream event to life.

Start with the basics

Before you even allow yourself to begin getting overwhelmed, set aside an hour in your schedule to sit down and work out the basics of getting started on your event. Begin by looking at your calendar and working out how many hours a week you can dedicate to organising the event or if you need to bring in extra team members to help you. Then begin sourcing venues, catering, furniture hire, lighting, audio and any other things you may need to bring the event together.

Once you’ve written your list of external things you need to bring your event together, go through the list and have a think about any contacts you may be able to call on to collaborate with, as this will lower the cost of hosting the event and create some great partnerships for your business into the future.

Research your audience

Whether you’re organising the annual Christmas party or an exciting new product launch, the key to attracting a crowd is to know them inside out. Gain an understanding of your guest by thinking about their interests, what foods they might like to eat, where they live, what magazines/blogs they read, what music they listen to and so on. Some of these things may sound irrelevant but they will actually make planning your event a lot easier.

Make it Insta-worthy

The key to spreading the word about your event, is to make it worth sharing on social media. Plan ahead and think about what elements of your event you can make photo-worthy. This will encourage guests to take a snap at your event and share it across their social media platforms, which will in return boost your engagement across social media.

Spread the word

This is a great chance for you to come back to the research you did into your audience and have a think about the blogs they read, what radio stations they listen to, what cafes they go to and who they follow on social media. Tell your local newspaper about the event your hosting, research bloggers in the local area and offer them a free ticket in exchange for posting about your event across their social media platforms or run a targeted Facebook ad campaign to attract new and relevant audiences.

Let go of expectations

Once you’ve done everything you can possibly do to bring your event to life, release all expectations and let your great work shine through. It’s so easy to plaster a million expectations on your event, however at the end of the day you can’t control everything and if something doesn’t go to plan then try not to think of it as the end of the world, as sometimes it might even work out better.

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