Email scams and fileless malware the new norm for cyberattacks

Trend Micro has revealed the nature of cyberattacks is changing with the biggest threat to SMBs’ security now coming in the form of social engineering fraud, cypto-jacking and fileless malware attacks.

The cybersecurity solutions leader’s mid-year security roundup report revealed a 32 per cent increase in cryptocurrency mining detections in the last 3 month with a 96 per cent increase since 2017.

Jon Oliver, Director and Data Scientist, Trend Micro says the numbers suggest criminals are moving away from ransomware attacks to focus on a slower behind the scenes approach to cybercrime.

“The recent change in the threat landscape mirrors what we’ve seen for years – cybercriminals will constantly shift their tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) to improve their infection rates,” Oliver said.

“Standard spray and pray ransomware attacks and data breaches have become the norm and continue to make headlines in Australia every week, so attackers are changing their tactics to be more covert, using entry vectors not previously seen or used extensively.

Oliver said the change in tactics means businesses need to reexamine their security measures.

“This means once again, business leaders must evaluate their defences to ensure sufficient protection is in place to stop the latest and most pressing threats.” 

The report also reveals the highest number of business email compromise (BEC) attempts in the first quarter of 2018. The results suggest Australia’s SMBs need to ensure they have adequate staff training and technology to thwart threats.

The report highlighted another disturbing trend in the use of fileless and macro file malware which has risen by 250 per cent since 2017.

This reaffirms the need for Australian organisations to use both training and technology to thwart even low-tech cyberattacks.

To gain an understanding of the severity and size of the problem Trend Micro revealed in Australia  it blocked over 140 million email threats in the first half of 2018.

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