Edtech MAPPEN is ready to help students through the covid-19 crisis

- March 19, 2020 2 MIN READ

While schools are closing down globally in efforts to contain to the Covid-19 outbreak (all schools in the UK close from Friday), Melbourne-based education technology solution MAPPEN has been working around the clock to adapt their lesson plans to be used directly by students working at home.

The education technology solution already being used in 350+ primary schools across Australia are making their home-school ready version available for FREE to all primary schools in Australia to support continued learning through this tumultuous period.

For secondary students, the shift to e-learning is simple, with the NSW education system being digitised for students to attend virtual classes, but for primary school students, this isn’t as simple.

“The majority of learning in primary school happens offline,” says MAPPEN co-founder Danny Ritterman.

“We’ve developed a world-first online curriculum with class plans covering Foundation to Grade 6, which is currently being used by more than 350 primary schools. As an urgent measure we’re partnering with our schools to see how we can adapt the lessons so students can continue their education in their homes,” he shares.


Founders Danny and Mark Ritterman with co-founder Karen Green.

After speaking with a number of primary schools, Ritterman says, “as recently as last week, schools did not have a contingency plan for closures.”

Teachers will be able to remotely assign work to students, who will then be able to access resources, answer questions and facilitate learning at their own pace. It is expected that students will have a chance to coordinate with the teacher online in near real-time. Audio and/or video options will be available to support young students or those who struggle with their literacy.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews issued a statement that the statewide closure of schools, workplaces, even the shutdown of industries is an “inevitability” and that all schools in Victoria will eventually be closed and entire work sectors will be required to work from home.

So far two schools in Sydney and two in Melbourne have temporarily closed their doors after students and teachers tested positive.

With organisations like MAPPEN supporting the continued education of primary school students in the home, we can reduce the education gap threatened by this global pandemic.

For more details visit: GetMappen

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