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- August 3, 2021 3 MIN READ
ecoteq green business saves the environment

When Michael Mathews started Victorian-based cleaning equipment company EcoTeq, a key factor in determining the equipment he’d bring to the market was grounded on the product’s impact on the environment.

After decades working in the cleaning equipment space, traditionally working with diesel and petrol powered equipment, Michael wanted to reduce the impact on the planet by tapping into more renewable energy sources like battery-electric and solar charging.

“I wanted to bring equipment to the market that fueled my vision to achieve zero emissions. My research led me to battery-powered cleaning and outdoor maintenance equipment” he said.

For Michael, it ultimately came down to doing good. “It was not so long ago, environmental responsibility was ‘nice to have’. But today, we think Australian consumers expect it from the businesses they do business with,” he said.

“With the energy landscape in Australia fundamentally shifting, businesses are under so much scrutiny when it comes to their environmental record. We knew we wanted to be good corporate citizens so introducing an all-electric range of outdoor maintenance equipment is how we are doing this. Plus by giving councils and other businesses an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible choice, without compromising on performance or incurring higher costs, that’s good for the planet, good for them and their reputation.

“We want to help others be greener, cleaner and smarter.”

Reducing the carbon footprint as a business, either in the products you sell or the impact you make IS good for the planet. There are also several other benefits to going green in business, which make good business sense.

environment comes first at Eqotech

The environment comes first at Ecoteq

People will buy more from you

People are more informed and savvier about environmental issues than ever before.  When looking for a new product or service, one of things people now look for is a business’s environmental credentials and commitment. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if they know you are cognizant of your impact on the environment. A 2020 survey done by CouriersPlease 90% of Australian consumers want to purchase ethical and sustainable products according to new research, and 85% want retailers and brands to be more transparent about a product’s sustainability. If your market is Millennials, then you want to pick up your game – this generation are well informed and switched on and many would not be caught dead buying from a company that doesn’t factor the planet into their business planning.

There’ll be more money in your bank

Using more environmentally friendly alternatives to power, equipment and resources can save thousands of dollars a year, putting that money back into your bottom line. From saving on electricity to buying equipment that is more productive and efficient, strategies to move environmentally conscious products and services make good business sense. Michael says there are definite cost savings, as well as other benefits “As an environmentally-based service business, you can typically charge more,” he said.

Your staff will love you

It is not just consumers who are savvier, employees also want to be aligned with businesses that do their bit for the environment. International HR company Adecco found 52% of employed adults feel their companies should be more environmentally aware. Using environmentally friendly products also means your staff will be healthier. Michael said using equipment or products that are environmentally friendly has many advantages for staff. “Reducing vibration, noise and fumes has an cumulative impact on your staff’s overall health and wellbeing,” he said. “Plus for the business, less sick days, increased productivity and performance.”

The general public will love you

People are watching – in this age of cancel culture, a wrong move or a blase attitude towards the environment can see your business roasted on social media.  Building a great reputation takes time and you do not want to damage this by not factoring the impact of not having a green policy or a corporate social responsibility program to a business’s reputation. “This is key,” Michael said. “Most businesses want to be seen to be doing their bit. It makes them look good, feel good and sounds good – in the eyes of the public you are demonstrating your responsibility to the environment.

With more people placing increasing value on environmentally friendly products and companies, it makes good business sense. Ask not what the planet can do for you but what your business can do for the planet.

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