Dynamic Duo: Teaming up to start a sleep revolution

- November 14, 2016 4 MIN READ

Mothers, friends and partners in business, Shea Morrison and Danielle Knight, are both big believers in how a good night’s sleep can help you achieve your goals. The co-founders of The Goodnight Co. want to make sure that everyone get’s some restful shuteye and so they created a range of gorgeous silk pillowcases, eye masks and travel accessories.

The duo met when they were in highschool and have stayed friends ever since. Shea and Danielle established the brand in 2015. The Goodnight Co.’s silk pillowslip redefines sophistication and exudes luxury.

Together they share their unique business story:

#1. It’s about choosing a new path…

Shea: I have a radio advertising and sales background with both SCA and NOVA for 15 years. Danielle’s background is in HR and operations in the professional services industry.

#2. It’s about being inspired by your surroundings…

Shea: We are both mums with young families and are in the stage of our lives where sleep is so important but struggle to get enough of it! We wanted to create a luxury lifestyle brand that would allow other people like us to create an ultimate sleep ritual and hopefully allow them to achieve a better night’s sleep. The relationship between sleep and silk is very conducive as silk is a natural fibre regulating body temperature as well as helping to reduce sleep creases.

13048048_1741907009412496_2069824325797278186_o#3. It’s about being up for the challenge…

Shea: We were both pregnant with our 2nd (Shea) and 3rd (Danielle) children and talking about how we could return to work and manage the juggle.  I have always wanted my own business and previously owned a laser hair removal business while working full time, I love a challenge and had been looking for an opportunity for a couple of years having sold that business. While we wait for society to find a way to support mothers returning to work I feel that we are going to continue to see a massive growth in women starting their own businesses to create the flexibility and freedom they need.

#4. It’s about following your passion…

Shea: We both love sleep and luxury!  We are also passionate about creating rituals and routine for our children to help them understand the importance of  good relationship with sleep, we believe this will help establish an important foundation throughout their life.

14332980_1807571506179379_3361252570526563075_n#5. It’s about recharging so you can achieve your dreams…

Shea: I have always been someone who NEEDS 7 – 8 hours’ sleep a night, since I was at school I would always calculate how many hours sleep I was going to get each night! I also know that I just don’t function very well if I am sleep deprived, I will often need to rest of take cat naps on the weekend if I don’t get enough sleep during the week.  I am a very routine person and went back to work when my babies were quite little and  It was really important for me to create sleep routines for them so that I could manage my sleep too.

Danielle: Being the mother of 3 young girls and running a business, a good night’s sleep is essential. Without a good night’s sleep my day starts off on the back foot.  So by ensuring that my family and I all get a good night’s sleep, we all start the day well.

#6. It’s about working in harmony…

Shea: We have been working together for 2 years now and if we are not in the office together we are probably on the phone to each other at least 10 times a day, we know our strengths and weaknesses so we can always keep each other motivated.  We haven’t been great at always celebrating the wins along the way because there is always so much going on but we are getting better at this.  I feel like we’ve made it through the make or break early days period and we have put so much into building the brand and the business, this is what keeps us motivated. We still have so much to learn and skills to develop and we have an amazing team of people that also help keep us motivated!

Danielle: We are motivated on a daily basis to find ways to build and grow the brand to its fullest potential. We are also very passionate about helping people get a good night’s sleep, which keeps us passionate about what we do.  We are very lucky that we are best friends doing this together!

img_2978#7. It’s about learning your strengths and weaknesses…

Shea: Danielle and I are quite similar yet so different and we have very complementary skills.  Danielle comes from an HR and operations background while I have a sales and advertising background which is perfect really, we naturally gravitate towards thee areas of the business ad it works for us!

Danielle: We bring different skill sets from our previous corporate careers to The Goodnight Co. This means we are both able to have specific responsibilities. And at the same time work together on varied projects within the business. I think that’s what works best about our working relationship, and I think we complement each other well.

#8. It’s about constantly learning and adapting…

Shea: 2 and a bit years in and we have learnt so much, we have developed skills that we didn’t know existed!  Business for me is as much as building a brand that people love and can relate to as it is about learning, developing as a person, meeting interesting people, being exposed to great opportunities and ideas and living a life of authenticity.

Danielle: I now come to work each day and get to be involved in all aspects of a business. At The Goodnight Co. we are very passionate about helping people getting the best night’s sleep possible.  It is what drives us when creating the purpose behind the brand.  We live and breathe sleep!

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