Don’t give up your day job David!

- April 28, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

We know that David Koch is a finance and small business guru but in an alternate universe … what small business would he open next?

To help celebrate 10 years in small business for Kochie’s Business Builders we took a look through the archives and came up with some great alternative jobs for David. Hit play on each video to watch David in action. What do you think?


“I’m very natural with a mop.” – David Koch (is this true Libby?!)

JOB ALTERNATIVE 1: Celebrity Chef

“Welcome to Kochie’s Cooking Show! Got a great ring to it, doesn’t it?!” – David Koch

JOB ALTERNATIVE 3: Dessert tester

“Ohhh.. I touched it. I’ll have to eat it now!” – David Koch

Celebrating 10 years of KBB – what is your favourite moment?!

David giving a toast to Australian small businesses at the KBB office hub

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