Not Business as Usual

Join David Koch and a team of experts for a four-part live digital event series. Discover how to adapt, survive and thrive in the new world of small business

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LIVE WEBCAST #4: The Future Of Work

Flexible. Connected. Secure.

Kochie’s Business Builders has partnered with DocuSign to bring you a hard-hitting series of live and digital events to help you unpack the business solutions you need to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Join our experts for a Q&A session as they discuss the future of work. What does work look like in the new normal? What are the trends you need to be aware of? How can you ensure your employees are productive, your data is secure and that your business is running at its optimum when your workforce remains distributed.

Date: 4th June 2020
Time: 2.00 to 2.45pm
Panellists: David Koch, Bethany Nyberg, Damien Gooden and Andrew Johnson

Explore how you can use technology and digital solutions to bolster productivity. Get a grasp on the jobs and processes that will need to change in the new world of work. Look at ways to safeguard your business from disruption.

Discover how you can leverage remote work opportunities to allow your business to be more profitable and successful in the future.

Watch, Listen and Learn

  • AI, automation, robotics – what impact will this have on how we work?
  • What are the jobs that will be lost and created?
  • How should business owners manage a distributed workforce
  • How to develop and adapt new organisational processes and operations

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