DIY gifts on the rise for budget-conscious consumers this Mother’s Day.

- May 10, 2024 2 MIN READ


Mother’s Day is an opportunity for many to celebrate the women who have shaped their lives. This year, there is a shift in how people are approaching the gifts that often accompany the day, writes Kim Owen-Jones, Head of Growth and Go-To-Market at MYOB.

With cost-of-living a high concern, we surveyed 1000 consumers to gauge how they’re feeling in the lead up to Mother’s Day, finding budget conscious Australians are looking to save where they can.

The research reveals 36% plan to spend less on Mother’s Day compared to previous years, likely to be evidence of the ongoing impact of rising costs on purchasing behaviour. Thirty-eight per cent of respondents who usually purchase gifts will instead get creative and make something, whether that’s baking a cake or picking flowers form the garden.

The impact of this DIY trend is likely to be felt by small businesses, particularly those who rely on seasonal peaks throughout the year to make up for slower periods.

The survey also found a growing popularity in low-cost hobbies in response to the economic downturn, with 76% of people saying they’re spending more time on activities such as baking, knitting, running and walking.

As cost-of-living concerns continue, small businesses need to be increasingly creative to maintain consumer interest when many households are focussing on the essentials. We’re already seeing examples of this creativity, with savvy small businesses offering DIY gift kits such as pottery making or portrait painting kits to appeal to consumers interested in experimenting with less expensive recreation activities that can also double as a great gift.

In addition to this, small businesses will be looking for ways to attract new and returning customers in store and online. Whether it’s providing experiential products such as candle-making kits rather than ready-made candles, or promoting items that help people stay warm and comfortable while out on their long walks in winter, there are still opportunities for small businesses to attract consumer dollars.

Businesses could also look at partnering with those local to them to create events and activities that encourage people to enjoy shared experiences, particularly around events such as Mother’s Day. These might include special collaborations, themed nights or in-store tutorials or events.

We know the small business community is creative and resilient, but there’s no doubt they’re facing a challenging period. For consumers who can, now is the time to consider spending with the 2.5+ million small businesses, who are faced with rising costs paired with reduced customer spending.

This might include making a conscious choice to purchases essentials from small businesses, dine at your local café or restaurant, or simply to share great experiences and products from your local stores online or with your networks.

This Mother’s Day, and throughout the winter months where many small businesses see slower sales, being intentional about where you choose to shop can make a big difference.

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