Ditch your smartphone and opt for a DSLR to give your Instagram impact!

- July 16, 2018 2 MIN READ

These days it’s not enough for a small business to provide great service, they also need to actively promote what they do and how well they do it, on social media.

However, with so many businesses clamouring for your eyeballs, standing out from the crowd takes more than a hastily snapped iPhone image. If you really want your brand to turn heads, ditch your smart device and opt for a DSLR to make your photos sing!

Opting to use a DSLR for your Instagram and other social media pics brings a level of professionalism to your brand’s feed. If you are an Influencer trying to make your mark, a well-shot image on a DSLR will beat a smartphone shot every time. Why? A photo taken with a DSLR will always look superior on Insta than the 1000s of similar smartphone pics, if for one reason only: you have so much more control over the result when you are shooting with a ‘real’ camera.

With the government recently extending the $20k instant asset tax write-off to June 30, 2019, it’s also a great time to consider purchasing photographic gear to take your business’s images next level.

“When people think about upgrading their tech for their business they often think of laptops or printers but buying a camera to use to help you create outstanding social media assets makes perfect sense too,” says Kochie’s Business Builders’ small business expert David Koch.

Need further proof? Speaking at the MPowered conference in Sydney in a workshop on using Instagram, popular blogger and influencer Olivia White stressed the importance of using fantastic pics to the success of her Insta feed. White says on a social media platform that is based on images, it makes sense that those with the best photos rise to the top, like cream.

“If I am producing content for a client campaign I will definitely do a professional shoot with a photographer,” she explains. “You want your image to have cut through and that means coming up with a concept and a great image.”

While many business owners may be anxious about ditching their smartphone fearing they don’t have the technical skill to use a ‘real camera’, these fears are unfounded.

Today’s entry-level DSLRs are intuitive and easy to operate, have guided screen options and make shooting a great pic straight out of the box a simple experience. Need more help? There’s plenty of video tutorials and walkthroughs at Camera Assist which will take your shooting to the next level. These tutorials can guide you through the basics: everything from the rule of thirds to framing your subject. There’s nothing like a little hands-on advice, complete with video explainers and expert commentary, to get your new camera feeling like second nature!

Are you ready to make the switch to a DSLR and up the ante on your Instagram feed?

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