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Disruption and how the cloud is helping businesses respond

- October 19, 2016 < 1 MIN READ

Hear Kochie discuss what is driving disruption across all industries and how the cloud is helping modern businesses to respond at SuiteConnect Sydney 2016.

“The cloud has changed everything, forcing businesses to rethink their models as global competition accelerates. NetSuite delivers transformative power to companies of all sizes with any business model, providing the agility and flexibility necessary to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world of modern business.”

The event was hosted by Netsuite. NetSuite offers a broad suite of applications, including financial management, ecommerce and retail management, commerce marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and Professional Services Automation (PSA) that enable companies to manage most of their core business operations in its single integrated suite. NetSuite software allows businesses to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere. For more information about NetSuite, please visit

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