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How your business can benefit from a digital transformation strategy

- November 28, 2017 3 MIN READ

From cloud accounting to interactive whiteboards, Skype meetings and project collaboration software, the way we do business and manage our businesses is changing.

Just as digital transformation strategies are helping everything from schools to big corporations, so too can they assist small business to improve their user experience, streamline their processes and create a more agile workplace.

If you’d like to work smarter not harder, then shifting your processes to embrace digital technology could be the solution you need for your small business.

Whether it’s digitising paper products, automating business processes or facilitating a mobile workplace, digital technology is shaping the businesses of the future. Small businesses that embrace digital transformation are charging ahead of the pack as they utilise the latest technology to innovate and forge a way forward in this brave new marketplace.

How your business can benefit from a digital transformation strategySo, how can your small business be a part of the digital revolution?  And how can digital transformation optimise your interactions with customers and the marketplace? With an action plan in place, business administrative processes can be streamlined, your workflow can be optimised and the adoption of new digital tools can boost performance.

Ricoh recommends these 5 steps to a successful digital transformation process

1. Understand your needs

No two businesses are alike. Take the time to consider the ways in which a digital solution could transform your business. Examine all existing processes and activities. Consider what tasks are done manually now and how they could be streamlined by a digital solution such as implementing the use of apps or cloud accounting.

2. Make recommendations

Once you’ve conducted your review identify your next steps. Perhaps you are drowning in paperwork, swamped by a sea of records. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you digitise your files to improve record keeping and free up office space? Maybe ditch those filing cabinets for a server in the cloud.
  • Can you use electronic channels to communicate with clients?
  • Can you set up automated invoicing?
  • What about payroll?

3. Begin your transformation

Once you’ve identified what you want to achieve you’re your digital transformation then set about deciding on the most appropriate tech to get the job done. Perhaps you need a scanner to convert your paper files and new software applications to allow better communication with staff. Offices can opt for mobile print services, virtual assistants, cohesive networking solutions and managed workflow options. All of which dramatically improve operational efficiencies.

4. Measure your success

Real long-term success will come from monitoring your digital transformation. Have the new solutions you’ve set up provided the benefits you anticipated. Is everyone using the new technology efficiently? Do you need to invest some time and money into staff training? Now you’ve transformed some elements of your business have other areas come to light that could benefit from digital transformation?

5. Optimise, optimise, optimise

Regularly check back in with staff and customers to ensure your digital solution is working the way you expected. Seek expert digital advice, constantly optimise all workflows and seek out new opportunities for improvement.


The workplace of the future

By following a digital transformation process, your business can ensure it is well placed to provide a quality service in the years ahead. Businesses that embrace digital transformation can offer both their staff and their customers better experiences thanks to cutting-edge technology. Embracing a digital transformation strategy can help your business be best positioned to meet the challenges of the years ahead.  Even a minimal investment in technology can bring unprecedented opportunities for scale and efficiencies. As new technologies continue to evolve, the future of small business has never been more exciting.

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