The Business Turning Coconuts Into Dessert: Kayter Co

The Business Turning Coconuts Into Dessert: Kayter Co

What Is Kayter Co? 

Kayter Co is almost one year old, and my brother, sister and I launched just for a need of something unique in the market. Our business is based around creating impact events through food.One day we just created this concept of dessert coconuts, as they had never been done before. Over Valentine’s Day we actually launched a Nutella box so everything in it was based on Nutella. We teamed up with some dessert makers across Sydney and we created that box and then we introduced a cronut tower. We’ve also been commissioned to do some work for PR agencies, so if they want to create something different or they want to create impact in their own ways, they come to us and we work together to come up with a new concept for their event.

Do you actually physically make and bake everything yourself?

Yep we do everything ourselves. So from getting the coconuts from our suppliers, to branding them, to opening them, to decorating them, and even sometimes delivering them. I have a marketing background, my brother has a HR background and my sister has an operations background, so we’ve never really baked before, but we’ve always wanted to get into food!




How have your marketed your business?

We haven’t spent any money on marketing. Instagram and Facebook have been massive for us. The other thing is collaboration, collaboration is the big thing because we know we relate to Instagram so we thought why not leverage other people’s followers to introduce them to our products? That’s how we started, we just started working with bigger names than us and now we do that with smaller businesses to get them the exposure that they need.

What about funding the business?

We did have a business before this, so we had some startup capital but the biggest expense in starting a business is the marketing  and because we didn’t have that it was relatively easy to start.

What are some of your biggest challenges?

It’s keeping up with, not demand necessarily, but with speed. For example, when we first started we were doing the deliveries ourselves but then we realised we’re having 10 to 15 events a weekend, we can’t physically be out there. We try and do two or three corporate events a week which are large quantities. One event would be 200 coconuts. Over the weekend we’ll have 10-15 private events like kitchen teas, bridal showers, birthdays as well as some pop ups and market stalls. We need to recognise the next thing that’s going to come at us, what ever that may be, because you’re a small business and you can just explode. It’s just keeping up with that, which is a great problem to have.

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Where do you source everything from? 

We have one supplier for our coconuts and we obviously have a back-up supplier in case they can’t keep up with demand. At times we’re going through thousands a week but thank goodness they’ve been able to keep up  with everything. Everything else is just sourced locally when it comes to the confectionary that we use and the fruit that we use.

What’s your advice for others wanting to start a business?

Just do it. Ideas are fantastic but without implementation, without execution, it’s just going to remain an idea. We’re so big on collaboration and not competition. The old business direction was all about competition and we found that gets nobody anywhere, and we know through collaboration that’s how we’ve grown. I would definitely recommend to others to just collaborate and just ask. Don’t be afraid to ask other businesses that are bigger than you to collaborate with them because chances are, they will say yes, but if you don’t ask you won’t get an answer.

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