How to deal with times of stress

- July 21, 2017 3 MIN READ

What’s the best way to cope with stress during extremely busy periods during your year or the guaranteed element of the unexpected? I created this mantra for the leaders I work with. It’s an instant reboot for my high achieving, fast-paced clients when they hit roadblocks.

A great leader can recognise the need to delegate. They know the values and skills they need around them. They can step back to evaluate on a daily basis – or even by the minute, depending on the pace of their business and the challenges at hand.

The 3 principles behind this mantra and why it works:

1. Think like a CEO (Wearing the commercially strategic hat) – Leadership
Making commercial decisions, hiring new staff, planning marketing campaigns, forming partner alliances and thinking about whether or not to attend a conference all come down to how the use of time, resources and finances impact your bottom line.

When making decisions, ask yourself: What’s the return on investment? Does it fit with the overall brand and company strategy? Will this action lead you closer to your business goals?

Approach daily decisions with commercial and brand positioning reality. If this was your money, how would you spend it? If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are this is your money – so tread carefully and don’t get distracted! Think FACTS and stats.

2. Plan like a Visionary (Shed the blinkers and think big – what’s possible?) – Creativity
All companies and commercial operations need a plan, a vision, a why and a way forward. Planning like a visionary allows you to step outside of traditional business constraints and start dreaming. What’s possible? Think about where the decisions you make now could take you. What are the forks in the road and the options ahead?

A strong vision creates culture inside an organisation. It creates the messages that resonate with your customers. It brings to life the brand or the products you offer. It is essential for sustainability, growth and development.

Creativity and connection to great ideas need space and inspiration. Schedule time for inspiration and future planning. If you are thinking on your feet, pause to consider the implications of a decision you’re about to recommend or undertake.

3. Act like a Buddha (You can be fast but you need to be clear) – Clarity and Calm
Our best decisions are made when we create space to tune into our experience and inner voice. It goes beyond intuition. Call it “tuning in”, like finding the right radio station and getting rid of the static. Static is the noise of our subconscious, taking us off course from our knowledge and expertise.

Most people don’t create the space to think clearly and with clarity. They make decisions in the spur of the moment. Take a pause and say, “I’ll get back to you,” or, “Give me five minutes.” If it’s an email, don’t response straight away.

Get up, walk away from the computer and change your mental environment. Breathe and listen to your intuition before you reply. This takes the emotion out of your response and you can look at the situation with a fresh perspective.

Press play (above)! Discover why small business owners are stressed

As a manager or leader, your actions speak louder than words. The interactions you have with others during challenging circumstances and conversations solidify your credibility. Nothing is so urgent that you can’t take two minutes to pause and hit re-boot. This does not mean you need to be a pushover. In fact, it puts you in a position of strength, consideration and confidence.

Press play (above)! Why is dealing with stress in small business important

Take the story out of the situation, step back, lean on your experience and have some faith in yourself and those around you. There is always a solution.

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This is an edited extract from Fitpreneur: The Ultimate Leader Healthy, Wealthy & Wise by Nikki Fogden-Moore – designed to guide you to rediscover what you value most, tap into a new perspective and find your next level energy for greater business results with a sense of balance, peace and wisdom within.

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