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Cultivating success: The family legacy of Metro Fresh Findon

- October 23, 2023 3 MIN READ

In the heart of Adelaide, nestled amidst the bustling streets, stands Metro Fresh Findon, an Australia’s Favourite Family Business competiton finalist that has not only stood the test of time but has thrived and evolved over the decades, too.

Once a modest fruit and vegetable store, today, Metro Fresh Findon has grown into a thriving marketplace. It’s no longer a humble fruit and veg shop. Instead, it stocks an array of products, boasts a fleet of vans and employs some 60 staff. Yet still, Metro Fresh Findon remains a family business deeply rooted in values, tradition, and a passion for providing quality products to its loyal customers.

“The business began 34 years ago, when I was just 3 months old,” explains Jessica Manov, Metro Fresh Findon manager, whose earliest memories are of lying in a bassinet at the back of the store.

“My Mum and Dad bought the business back in 1989 as a little tiny fruit and veg store. Over time we have quadrupled in size and expanded our offering to be so much more. My Dad was always in the fruit and veg industry with his parents. They were market gardeners growing and selling their own produce to others in the industry. He always had a love for business, and for what he did, so that’s how Findon Fruit Market and now Metro Fresh Findon came to be.”

A business that goes above and beyond

According to Jessica, what sets Metro Fresh Findon apart from its competitors is the hard work and dedication of the family members who run the business.

“Dad has gained a lot of respect and knowledge from growers and wholesales over the years and has a strong footprint in the marketplace.”

Jessica credits this insider knowledge for allowing the business to stay ahead of the game.

“We have our finger on the pulse 24/7… We continue to pride ourselves on great quality, at affordable pricing and excellent customer service,” Jessica shares.

A family affair

While many family businesses struggle to balance the demands of work with personal relationships, the Manov family has found their own unique dynamic. Jessica emphasises the importance of dedication and passion as the key ingredients that make it all work.

“I feel like you can either be in a family business or you can’t, and we definitely can. We work and live 24/7 together. And that is what makes us more powerful as a family business as we have the dedication and passion to create a successful team.”

Her enthusiasm for the family business is evident in her words. “I love that I get to work alongside my Dad every day and I love the challenge of continuously ensuring we are ahead of the marketplace and keeping up with the ever-changing competitive market.”

Yet, being part of a family business also comes with its set of challenges. “You live and breathe work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way and I live for the craziness and challenge. You work harder as it is your own flesh and blood. You are constantly thinking about work 24/7.”

metro fresh findon

Value-led business

A strong set of values and principles underpins the success of Metro Fresh Findon. “Having a hard work ethic and respect for your colleagues and peers is what upholds a successful family business,” says Jessica.

“My Dad has a stronghold in the Adelaide produce market and is highly respected by his peers for his knowledge, hard work and dedication, which are values we continue to filter down through the family business and uphold, as we believe it all starts from the top.”

Innovation is another pillar of Metro Fresh Findon’s growth. They’ve constantly introduced new packaging and advocated for sustainable practices, encouraging their customers to use reusable bags or none at all. This commitment to sustainability aligns with their values and commitment to constant improvement.

Looking to the future, Jessica says Metro Fresh Findon recognises the ever-competitive market they operate in, particularly with the presence of supermarket giants.

“This industry is very competitive, and fewer retailers are surviving the supermarket giants. However, we believe we will still have a strong footprint in the future,” Jesica shares.

When asked for advice for aspiring family businesses, Jessica’s words are simple:

“Work hard and don’t stop dreaming and reaching for your goals because they are achievable.”

As the Manov family’s journey has shown, with dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to your values, even the loftiest of goals are achievable. Metro Fresh Findon isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of family.

Metro Fresh Findon is one of the finalists in our Australia’s Favourite Family Business competition in partnership with KPMG. You can cast your vote for your favourite here

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