Crema Joe: saving the planet one coffee pod at a time

- October 25, 2019 3 MIN READ

First, it was takeaway coffee cups and now it’s coffee pods… Australia’s obsession with caffeine is creating an increasing waste problem, but one coffee provider is set to change the landscape. Crema Joe’s refillable pod and exchange service could divert millions of pods from landfill each year.

These local coffee lovers and eco-warriors launched the subscription-based pod and refill service for business and office workers in Melbourne in October and expect to roll out nationally as demand increases.

The premise of the service is simple. Crema Joe has replaced existing pods with stainless steel capsules that can be used over and over again. Designed to fit Nespresso® coffee pod machines, pods can be delivered direct to your home or office; with used pods picked up and replaced with a new batch of pre-packed coffee pods each week.

 Crema Joe founder Kayla Mossuto described the process as a beautifully simple cycle of planet-friendly coffee goodness, with the used grounds also utilised as garden fertiliser or repurposed for beauty products.

“We see it as our responsibility to leave the planet in better shape for future generations, and educating our community about the importance of reducing consumption is key.

“Not only is recycling an energy-intensive exercise, due to the recycling crisis, sadly many materials aren’t being recycled at all and are, instead, being diverted to landfill. The situation is alarming, and we need to look at making changes to our habits if we want to make a positive impact.”

Mossuto says fortunately more Australians are understanding the urgent need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“With the shift from disposable to reusable items, such as bags and coffee cups, and improving sustainability in the workplace, we are seeing a number of fantastic initiatives emerge – from the likes of Returnr and Loop that are leading the way with reusable packaging for food, appliances and other consumables.”

Crema Joe’s new subscription-based pod refill service, Supply & Exchange, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It allows workplaces to continue enjoying the convenience of their coffee pod machine without the guilt that comes with single-use capsules – and the service is no more expensive than purchasing disposable pods. While many Australians are now aware of the impact that single-use products have on the environment, changing behaviour is taking a little longer.

As of 2018, it is predicted that Aussies are consuming a staggering 6 million pods per day. Considering the 500-year process of breaking down single-use coffee capsules, which also emit harmful carbon emissions, this paints a frightening reality. Now, it is easy to make a difference, even when at work.

Mossutto acknowledges changing consumer behaviour takes time, but hopes Crema Joe’s Supply & Exchange service will help make it easy for businesses and coffee lovers to get on board.

“Our new capsule subscription service is here to reinforce the behavioural shift from ‘discard’ to ‘reuse’, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and encourage staff to become habitual re-users.”

Until now, Crema Joe has targeted households, and held an overarching mission to reduce waste across the country with their reusable stainless steel capsules – an innovative alternative to single-use, disposable capsules.

Businesses can calculate and track their impact at cremajoe.com.au/pages/how-many-capsules-can-you-save

Learn more about the Crema Joe Supply & Exchange program by visiting www.cremajoe.supply 

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