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How can I be happier at work?

- January 3, 2017 2 MIN READ

Do you desire more money and wealth in your life and business? Of course, is the obvious answer. But it’s not always true. The fact is that if you want to receive you have to ask for it, and many times the unwritten rules and limitations around money stop you from doing that. By learning how to erase these obstacles and letting more joy and creation come into your business, chances are you will also become a real money magnet!

So how do you actually achieve this? The first step is to start asking yourself the right questions, such as: What are my points of view on money and are they really mine? Most people have prejudices about money and what it means to be poor, wealthy or something in between. The environment in which we live and work has a very strong influence on the way we look at things, and if you choose another direction people will judge you for it.

The judgment of others — from friends, family and colleagues to people on social media you don’t even really know — is very hard not to get affected by. But if you desire a different financial reality it’s necessary to create what you really desire. Buy this car. Vote for this guy. Your hair looks better that way. People will aways tell you what to do and how to act, but remember that your business is no one else’s business. Why have their will as your own?

Here are 5 useful tips on how to start creating your life and business with more ease, the way you desire it to be:

# 1: Act on possibilities, not problems
Money loves action, so when possibility knocks — take the ball and run with it! Some people choose to focus on minor problems instead of great possibilities. If you’re not willing to act, you’re not willing to receive.

# 2: Be grateful everyday and acknowledge your creative power
Never judge what you’ve created up until now, since judgment is basically the opposite of creation. Money follows joy, not judgment. Always try to see where you can take it from here. Ask what else you can create and choose — new business and creation adventures await you!

# 3: Know who you are with money
If you feel limited in your views on money, find out if it’s really your limitations. The projection of others is a powerful thing and you might get the awareness that you’re someone who’s had a (too big) influence on your life. Ask yourself – If I’m truly being me with money, what do I choose?

# 4: Follow your gut
So how do you know what is your own point of view? What’s true for you always makes you feel lighter. If the way you create and look at things gives you a sense of heaviness in your body, it’s not true to you. When you’re aware of what’s holding you back, you no longer have to buy in to the points of view of others. Always follow what you know and the road ahead will open up for possibilities you haven’t had before.

# 5: Do more of what’s fun for you!
Play music, bake bread or go for a run — when we choose more of what we love to do it usually affects all aspects of life, including business. Have you even considered that you might be able to make money from what you love most in life, the things you create with ease?

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