Couch Commerce: How CTV is turning lazy lounging into lucrative shopping sprees

- May 24, 2024 3 MIN READ

In an era where digital innovation propels markets into the future – think content commerce and social commerce – the realm of Connected TV (CTV) shopping and advertising is experiencing a seismic shift, reshaping consumer behaviour and revolutionising traditional advertising strategies.  Billy Kinchin, Chief Product Officer, Vudoo explains everything business owners need to know about this new trend.

CTV Shopping: From Offline to Online

When it comes to TV shopping, gone are the days of phoning in orders after seeing something you like on an infomercial. The digital landscape, now heavily influenced by social commerce and content commerce, has transformed consumers’ purchasing journeys.

As more consumers “cut the cord” and transition from traditional TV channels to CTV services, there is a significant opportunity for brands to offer interactive shopping experiences, allowing viewers to shop instantly for products seen on their TV screens.

Traditional TV watching is still a primarily passive activity, with limited opportunities for interaction. While interactive video is gaining ground, particularly on mobile and other devices, its full integration into TV formats is still in its infancy.

But even in these early stages, many retailers and streaming platforms are quickly recognising the rapid change in media consumption and consumer habits. Consequently, a surprising interim solution has emerged – one that is ironically powered by a simple 20-year-old technology: QR Codes, which has made a resurgence thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embedded QR codes and product links are turning CTVs into powerful conversion drivers. It is a bridge that converts passive TV viewing into an interactive online experience. By enabling viewers to scan a code on their TV screen, they unlock a portal to more information, special offers, and even instant purchases, further doubling down on consumers’ ever-increasing need for immediate gratification of “see now, interact/buy now”.

The Power of Measurable Intent

This approach leverages the natural habit of second-screen usage, capitalising on viewers’ tendencies to reach for their mobile phones while watching TV. The interactive layer caters to the impulse buying tendencies of modern consumers and serves as a strong signal of user intent, allowing for precise tracking and robust data capture, transcending traditional advertising methods of measurement. Therefore, instead of hoping that a TV ad leaves a mental bookmark for future action with the viewer, it’ll confirm active interest through immediate action.

This level of direct interaction not only boosts engagement but also provides invaluable data regarding viewer preferences and behaviour. For advertisers, this is a goldmine of insights that can be utilised for more targeted and effective campaigns.

Imagine if a marketer could collect data across all devices without complex integrations with brand sites. Consolidating and capturing omnichannel data from digital ads and TVCs could simplify the advertiser’s task.

Data Unification and the AI Revolution

With approximately 40% of ANZ video inventory on CTV, this technology offers advertisers a vast playground to implement cross-device strategies and capture critical mass data.

AI is a powerful tool that relies on significant volumes of data to identify patterns, make predictions and deliver insights. The more data you have, the sharper this tool becomes. By unifying data across digital campaigns, including digital ads and CTV, advertisers can access a wealth of information. This comprehensive data pool is critical for AI to recognise trends, optimise campaigns and retarget more efficiently. As a result, the whole advertising campaign, across CTV, mobile and desktop, becomes more measurable and significantly more impactful with superior optimisation and retargeting with data from the most premium devices.

Simplifying Commerce Campaigns with Tech

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and there are few platforms that provide an out-of-the-box solution for capturing and centralising data without the need for complex integrations. This streamlines the process for advertisers and agencies, facilitating easier campaign management and enhancing co-ownership of full-funnel data, empowering media agencies with unparalleled insights.

QR codes within CTV advertising offer an integrated commerce campaign that yields a strong signal of user intent, aggregates data across devices, and provides superior retargeting and optimisation capabilities. This presents a promising avenue for brands and campaigns to scale effectively, without complex integration with brand sites.

Shaping the Future of Ad Tech

The ongoing evolution of QR codes in CTV shopping highlights a future where the distinctions between watching and shopping are increasingly blurred. As this technology matures, it promises to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to revolutionise the way brands connect with consumers, turning every viewing experience into a potential shopping opportunity.

With continuing advancements in technologies such as VR and AR, the future of CTV shopping holds immense promise for brands and consumers alike. This development ushers in an era where viewers can fully immerse themselves in interactive experiences, enabling them to virtually try on products, explore virtual showrooms, and make informed purchase decisions – all without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

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