COSBOA welcomes new PM and calls for action for small biz

- August 24, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Peter Strong, the CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) has congratulated Scott Morrison for his appointment as the new Prime Minister (elect) of Australia.

Strong took time out to thank the outgoing PM, Malcolm Turnbull for his leadership of the county and welcomed the appointment of Morrison who is well known to many business owners as the nation’s (former) treasurer.

“Mr Morrison has done an excellent job with the Australian economy and has shown a great understanding of and support for small business. We believe in his new role as Prime Minister, this will only continue to improve,” Strong said.

“We also thank Malcolm Turnbull for what he achieved in office; the economy has improved under his leadership.

“We offer commiserations to Mr Dutton and hope that he will continue in the ministry to provide positive support for the Morrison Government.

“Our congratulations also go to Josh Frydenberg on becoming the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party,” said Mr Strong.

Strong said while the tumultuous events of the past week have unfolded, COSBOA is very aware small businesses continued to operate, providing employment, services and products to the Australian community.

Strong suggested next week’s Vodafone National Small Business Summit, would provide a great opportunity for SMBs to speak with government ministers about the state of play for the nation’s small businesses.

“This is an incredibly timely event which will help bed-down vital policy measures needed for certainty and direction in the small business arena. We will hear from Chris Bowen, the Shadow Treasurer, who will reveal his stance on the role small business plays in our economy.”

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