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Connecting staff management to sales: Deputy partners with Square

- May 31, 2016 3 MIN READ

Sydney-based workplace management solution Deputy has announced a new integration with global payments technology company Square to develop better employee engagement and create a comprehensive solution that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and communication.

Many hours of admin go into the process of all aspects of staff management, so using an integrated tool helps to free up some of that time to concentrate on growing your business.

The integration will enable customers to seamlessly link their Square account to Deputy within minutes. The partnership has the massive potential to cut down on unnecessary employee shift costs as small business owners can schedule shifts based on real time sales data. Deputy syncs all employees, sales data and time cards with Square and peak traffic times are displayed in the scheduler, so business owners can see exactly when they need to schedule staff.

Business owners can create a streamlined and mobile operation and easily link it with their payroll system including Xero, MYOB and Gusto.

Steve Shelley, co-founder and CEO of Deputy, said business owners can save hours of lost admin time by simplifying tasking and payroll duties that are vital components to any workplace.

“We are committed to providing the best workplace solution for our business users and partnering with Square connects the two most important parts of a business, management and sales. The platform can be used from a smartphone, laptop or tablet which means owner can have a truly connected and mobile business, streamlining communication and time management,” said Shelley.

“We reduce time theft significantly in businesses and again wonderfully performance and productivity has increased since people started using Deputy.”

Deputy currently has 20,000 businesses in 73 countries using their system.These businesses cover a range of sectors including hospitality, which makes up 60 percent of businesses, childcare, cleaning, security, healthcare, and agriculture.

Lauren Davie and Elena Andoniou, founders of Those Girls Beverage Co, said that Deputy and Square have given them the confidence and means to grow their business.

“The reduction in admin hours has been very significant for us and in small business, any timesaving’s are a huge help. Deputy and Square save time with recording information and it’s reduced the time needed to double check information for human error and eliminates issues that commonly occur with pay runs and time sheets. It’s given us confidence in our business which has pushed us to aim high and achieve more,” said Andonious.

“Deputy and Square have been a huge help in growing our business, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for their technology. The platforms provide every function we could possibly need and to a very high standard, and our employees also love using Deputy because it is so user friendly,” added Davie.

Last week, Square announced the availability of Square Invoices in Australia, adding to its already powerful Square reader platform.

Giving business owners more ways than ever to get paid from one app, Square Invoices allows vendors and retailers to create, customise and issue invoices directly from the Square Register app on a smartphone or tablet, or desktop, helping SMEs to efficiently track payments and organise their paperwork.

“Optimising cash flow is critical to the survival and growth of any business and, unfortunately, Australian small businesses experience some of the slowest invoice payment speeds in the world. Research shows us that over $19 billion is locked away in outstanding invoices owed to businesses, and with 90 percent of small business failures a result of poor cash flow, we’re proud to bring tools to Australian sellers to ensure they’ve got every way to get paid.” commented Ben Pfisterer, manager of Square Australia.

Image: Ashik Ahmed and Steve Shelley. Source: Supplied

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