Company culture and social purpose are keys to success for this growing business

- March 13, 2019 2 MIN READ

A positive company culture along with a sense of social purpose are behind the success of Brisbane-based commercial fitout company, Future Fitouts, earning them a string of prestigious awards.

2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist, and Future Fitouts’ co-founder and Operations Director, Lauren Lowe, leads with a focus on creating a supportive environment and building a cohesive team which values making a positive impact on the world.

“Early in my career, I worked in some toxic workplaces which tarnished my view of the property and construction industry. But rather than defeat me, the experience made me passionate about creating a supportive environment where people feel valued and part of something bigger,” Lowe said.

Lowe’s efforts and those of her husband and co-founder, Aaron, are being celebrated nationally. Next month, Aaron and Lauren Lowe will feature on Foxtel’s “Industry Leaders” to share their story, approach to business and secrets to success.

The appearance follows a string of award recognitions including as a finalist in the newly-announced 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, as a finalist in the 2018 Telstra Business Awards and as a winner in the 2018 Top 200 Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow.

“It’s phenomenal to get this recognition. I’m proud to have built a culture where we challenge and support each other to succeed and celebrate each other’s achievements,” Lauren said.

“One of the quirkier ways we create a supportive space for our team is through the Personal Goal Wall. It’s plastered with images of houses, marathons and other accomplishments the team want to achieve and then we work together to make those goals a reality and set our team up for success.“

The team of 9 staff and 20+ contractors is united by the “Future Fitouts Way”, consisting of company values, internal systems to ensure quality, and a vision to “change the world by transforming spaces”.

“On one level, we make a positive change when we provide the ideal space for our clients. But on the next, we make a much broader contribution to society and the world by embedding giving in everything we do.”

For every new enquiry received, the company provides a meal to a rescued Australian animal, for every new proposal, a brick to a school in Kenya, and for every project complete, they save one square metre of rainforest in the Daintree.

Despite their own achievements, the husband and wife duo are focusing on continued progress.

“Our approach is to improve 100 things by 1%, rather than only one item by 100%. Because of the compounding effect, we make enormous improvements and that are extremely satisfying.”

I’m proud to have built a culture where we challenge and support each other to succeed and celebrate each other’s achievements,” Lowe said.

“At the end of the day, we’re a company with heart. We’re not in business for the bottom line. We’re in business to make a difference to the people and the world around us.”

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