Cisco Live: Embracing tech key for small business innovation

Speaking at Cisco Live, Nykaj Nair, Director, SMB, Cisco Australia & New Zealand told a captive audience why embracing technology is a vital element in the growth of any small business. “Technology becomes the point at which businesses can innovate and stay ahead,” he said.

Nair’s comments come fresh off the back of the results of Cisco’s Digital Readiness survey which found 39 per cent of small businesses had failed to embrace digital tech and of the 61 per cent that were considering tech – the majority were doing so in a siloed way, with survival in mind rather than transformation.

Nair says in response to this lack of strategy by small business owners, Cisco has started building a small business purpose-built portfolio.

“This is our ‘solutions’ offering for small business. It is smart, simple and secure. It is enterprise-grade quality built specifically for SMBs. It aligns with business needs and capture transitions of the marketplace.”

Nair suggested businesses can no longer afford to have a “wait and see” approach to their tech.

“As a business scales, their needs evolve. A strategy helps them deploy and manage all their assets.”

Nair explained SaaS-based models are increasingly providing businesses with the solutions they need at an affordable price point.

“For small business it’s important that they pay as they grow and consume as they like. Apps are the lifeline of any small business – then you add data to it. What Cisco has done is enabled our customers to manage their apps and data on one single platform which talks to scalability as the business grows. Their data is on one platform, one system – so it makes it easier to have a cloud-like environment that’s scalable.”



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