Changes to long service leave entitlements roll out in Victoria

- October 31, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Significant changes to employee entitlements will roll out in Victoria on November 1, 2018, impacting small business owners.

Victoria’s new Long Service Leave Act 201, updates the existing ACT and also applies to companies who are based outside of Victoria but have staff employed in Victoria.

Key changes include: .

Employees will be able to request Long Service Leave after seven years of continuous service with an employer (previously it was 10 years)

Full-time, part-time, casual and seasonal employees are entitled to long service leave, provided they have completed the required amount of continuous service.

Continuous service covers employer authorised absences on paid and unpaid leave, including parental leave (up to 52 weeks) also counting toward the period of employment for accrual purposes.

An employer and an employee may agree to taking long service leave in advance prior to seven years of continuous employment

Employers cannot refuse an employee’s request to take long service leave unless it is on reasonable business grounds

Senior Employment Adviser, Employsure, Natalie Clark, says it’s vital small business owners update their payroll to reflect the new changes.

“It’s important that you update your payroll systems to make sure that long service leave entitlements are being correctly calculated and administered. Also, ensure that all your relevant policies and procedures are reviewed and updated to reflect these changes.”

“Victorian employers and businesses should have their policies and documentation reviewed by an expert to ensure their business is compliant,” she said.

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