Celebrating fabulous mums working in small business

Celebrating fabulous mums working in small business

We are celebrating hardworking mums in small business. We know how tricky it can be juggling being a good parent while also giving as much as you want towards your small business.

Here’s also to all the hardworking single mothers, our male and female partners, family members, colleagues and friends who back us up when the going gets tough in small biz. We love having all of you as part of our small business community.

If you want the chance for your small business featured on Kochie’s Business Builders please let us know by commenting below.

Happy Feet Fiesta, Melbourne, Victoria

Happy Feet Fiesta was created after three Latin American mums struggled to find places where they could take their babies and also get the chance to dance. There was nowhere for these women to go to enjoy music, dancing and spending time with their babies. So Karoll, Andrea and Pepix created Happy Feet Fiesta to provide fun ‘babywearing’ dance classes for mums, dads, carers and anyone who enjoys the beauty of dance to join in the fun!

Baby Sleep Guide, Port Lincoln, South Australia

Baby Sleep Guide was founded by Jessie Stott, an internationally recognised Baby Sleep consultant specialising in maternity and child sleep consulting. Jessie’s development of the Baby Sleep Guide app was nominated for the 2016 AusMumpreneur Awards. As a mum of two, Jessie is very passionate about how sleep affects a child and the mother’s wellbeing. Jessie works closely with families with the aim of helping parents to establish a strong connection with their parenting intuition.

Focussed, Montmorency, Victoria

Carlyn Cordi established Focussed to enable her to balance single motherhood and career.  After assisting another company to help set-up their small business she realised there was a need to give small business owners business support. She also saw a need for providing a project management resource without the commitment, costs and legal requirements of having a full-time employee. The clever idea was to create her own small business which helped other small businesses. To give you back the time you need to stay focussed on what is important and to allow you to focus on what you love to do.

Helpful Hands, Baldivis, Western Australia

Kelly Lowndes started Helpful Hands in February 2013 as a single mum of three boys. Helpful Hands originally began as a concierge service. One day a client asked Kelly to install her child’s car seat into her vehicle. So, Kelly checked with her insurance company to see if she was covered and was informed that she couldn’t install one without Accreditation. After huge amounts of research, Kelly discovered that there weren’t enough educational services around for parents on the subject. She wanted to offer parents the chance to receive car seat education in the privacy of their own homes.

Service Experts, Melbourne, Victoria

Service Experts (formerly known as PlumberAssist) was founded by husband and wife Darryl and Tanya Simon in 2002. Darryl completed his plumbing apprenticeship in 2001 and knew he wanted to run his own business. In 2002, the same month their first born arrived, their ‘Man and a Van’ plumbing business was open for business. Service Experts provides home owners a one-stop solution for their plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling needs. They say that working together while raising their three children has certainly had its fair share of challenges, successes, fun and frustrations. Welcome to small business life!

me&my, Wellington Point, Queensland

me&my was founded by Sara Freeman, a Brisbane mum of two. Sara says she always dreamed of owning her own small business and most importantly, being her own boss. After living overseas for a while she returned home to Brisbane and began her hair care journey began. After working for major multi-national hair care brands for 13 years, Sara wanted to create a business that personalised the industry. She has created an ethical small business to do her bit to create a more sustainable future.

Red Baron Alse, Yarrawonga, Victoria

Red Baron ALSE was founded by RAAF veteran Greg and wife Karen Bayne in 2000. Greg has more than 19 years experience with the Royal Australian Air Force and utilised his unique skills to create a small business. Red Baron ALSE specialises in upholstering furniture and refurbishing aircraft cabin interiors and flight helmets. However, Greg discovered there was an increasing need for Aircraft Life Support Services on a larger scale. Karen has been supporting Greg since the birth of Red Baron ALSE. Her experience lies in business administration and business systems expertise so ensures that best practices are always in place.

Support Legal, Tindal, Northern Territory

Support Legal founder Deborah Vella started her small business in early 2017. Deborah had a vision to help working parents and support them in a business environment. She believed that for many working parents who travel, to work in a traditional law firm isn’t entirely practical. Through her small business, she is able to combine her passion for legal practice and support her family. She practises property and commercial law in the Northern Territory and Queensland providing legal services remotely and in person.

Schatzi’s Cafe/Restaurant, Woodend, Victoria

Schatzi’s is a small family business founded by Rose Gorlitz and her husband Frank in 2004. Schatzi’s is an Austrian word translated as ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’. It is a café restaurant and caterer located in Woodend in the heart of the Macedon Ranges. Since it’s launch, Schatzi’s is known for it’s friendly staff and mouth-watering dishes. The husband and wife duo have a shared passion for family, food and people. Guests are welcomed with a unique dining experience. Schatzi’s has grown to include event catering and a new range of bottled signature sauces and biscuits.

Chelsea Anne Photography, Bass Coast

Chelsea Anne Photography was created by a artist and self taught photographer. Chelsea Anne’s work involves a passion for three things: emotions, Pocahontas and lingerie. Growing up, Chelsea’s home was constantly filled with life drawings which have grown to shape her love of the ‘natural form’. This is clearly illustrated throughout her work. When she’s not behind the camera, Chelsea spends her time building LEGO, jumping on the trampoline and being a ‘super hero’ to her young sons.

Did you know?

  1. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 in the United States.
  2. Founder of the Mother’s Day holiday, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother and created a campaign to make ‘Mother’s Day’ a recognised holiday in 1905.
  3. In majority of the world’s languages, the word for “mother” begins with the letter M.

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  1. I have been in the industry for 40 yrs and I have to say that Sara’s brand of products are a great fit for my clients. She also is easy to do business with. I am pleased that she is featured as Sara is serving the hairdressing community by connecting hairdressers together on her professional facebook site-providing education and opportunity to share with each other. Sara is passionate and committed to her vision.

    • Hi Allison, great to hear from you! It’s great to be involved in such a vibrant and fantastic small business community. It’s wonderful to see so many succeed in their niche fields of business. Are you running a small business yourself?

      • Hi Shihana, our business is Sunbella – we’ve designed a unique range of sun umbrellas that allow women to protect their skin and feel elegant at the same time. We sell online, we wholesale, custom brand and offer a hire option for local weddings.
        Mum used to be a nurse and heard first hand from women with skin cancer, saying that they had neglected their sun care because they hated hat-hair or avoided oily sunscreens. So we created an option that allows them to feel beautiful – and enjoy our outdoor lifestyle in a healthy way.

        • Hi Casey – what a fantastic small business! Good on you for putting your energy behind something so helpful (particularly in Australia). Where do you find your biggest market is? How long has your small business been around?

          • Thanks Kathy! It’s been an amazing journey. Our biggest market in Australia is Queensland, and internationally we get lots of interest from the UK and US, mainly New York, California and Florida.
            We’ve been around for 6 years – but when we started the reactions from women were far different than they are now; women are much more aware of the dangers of UV exposure, which is fantastic.

  2. I religiously read your articles and enjoy reading about other peoples success stories. It is such an inspiration. I would love to showcase my newly launched company. After frustration in trying to find healthier lunchbox snacks in the supermarket I began a subscription based company called Lunchbox Pals where we source healthier and wholesome lunchbox snacks for kids and deliver them to families across Australia each month.

    • Hi Krystal – how are you? Thanks so much for your comments. It is great to hear from you. Wonderful you get so much out of the site. Are you signed up to the newsletter? There is loads of great information in there to keep you up to date with the latest in small business. It is fantastic you created a small business from a need for healthy food every single day. That’s wonderful. How long has your business been going? What have you found to be the biggest issues so far?

  3. Love this! Well done to all the Mums featured.
    I am a Mum of two and run Little Rockers Radio, a 24/7 online radio station for children from birth to 6. We play songs, nursery rhymes, story time, yoga, meditation and more through the day and lullabies all night. We are partnered with some amazing businesses Australian Radio Network as the first Australian Children’s Radio Station available on iHeartRadio, Bonnier Publishing with Australian authors reading their children’s books on air daily and Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids) running the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco through child care centres nationally on Red Nose day. This year we are aiming for well over 50,000 children to take part in the disco!

    • Hi Sarah, wonderful to hear from you. That sounds like an incredible small business. Kudos to you! I’m sure it’s not easy running an online radio station and juggling family responsibilities. What are your secrets to success?

  4. Hi! Fellow girlboss here 🙂 juggling 2 x businesses, 9 staff and 3 spirited children (I also have an equally busy husband and a dog). Very passionate about my businesses and have won many industry awards. Its certainly a major juggling act with active, spirited kids but I love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way! X

    • Hi Monique, great to hear from you. It’s inspiring to hear stories about how mums are juggling both responsibilities. They are definitely ones to look up to! What type of small business are you running?

  5. Love these stories! I am a mum of a very active boy who gave up her job to help him through school. My son lives with ADHD and has inspired my business Beyond the Maze. I specialise in coaching, advocating and supporting parents of children living with ADHD and entrepreneurs living with ADHD.

  6. Love hearing stories about other working mums out there juggling work/life balance. It’s so inspiring. We are all honestly dedicated to both ‘jobs’ and work damn hard in all aspects. I love my business ‘Daytripper Tours & Charters’ and being part of our community whilst showing my children what wonderful things we can achieve with a little bit of hard work and effort. We provide travel for our senior community that can’t or don’t drive and want to socialise with their friends in retirement. All the best mums!

    • Hi Keli, thanks for your comment! I couldn’t agree! Truly well said. All the mums deserve so much for all their hard work and dedication. I would love to hear more about Daytripper Tours & Charters. How long have you been running that for?

      Have you heard about our latest competition? You can go in the running to win $60,000 worth of small business support and even lunch with David Koch! Here is the link: https://www.kochiesbusinessbuilders.com.au/win60000ofsupport/ Good luck!

      • Hi Shihana,
        Thank you, I sure love being a mum and love what I do. It keeps my brain ticking. I’ve been running Daytripper Tours for 3 years now and honestly I’ve never learnt so much in such a short period of time. Working sporadically throughout the day inbetween playgroups and kinder drop offs.
        I design itineraries to suit our groups’ travel requirements within Australia and internationally. We book and organise accommodation, flights, tours, meals, entertainment and activities. They are all fully escorted tours and we have a door to door pickup & return home service.
        Safety and convenience of our passengers is paramount.
        We are group travel specialists.
        It’s lovely to know we help create long lasting memories and some make friends for life. Especially since some of our passengers have lost loved ones or their families have moved away. It’s very rewarding.
        I feel like I’m teaching my kids about our community, Australia and the world. I’ll be able to show/help them develop skills for their businesses or general knowledge of finances in their future.
        Thanks for the competition link.
        All the best.

  7. Hi Guys,

    I love seeing articles inspiring mums to work for themselves so they can be more flexible and essentially have more time with their babes & loves ones! I would love to be featured if the opportunity ever arose! I started an edgy kids clothing label called Brave & Fearless 18 months ago. We specialise in apparel for the Rad Little Lad and Hip Little Chick. If you can imagine mini leather jackets, acid wash and stone was tees and matching Mum and Baby and Dad and baby outfits then that’s what we are all about. I started small and have grown quickly with over 60 stockists in 5 countries and growing all the time! Last year I was so blessed to win silver for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year at the St George Banking Group Aumumprenuers Awards in Melbourne. We are based in the Gold Coast and I receive hundreds of emails a month from other mums asking advice and how to get started in small business and I absolutely love helping them. I’ve been blessed with my business and always hope to inspire other mums wanting to chase their own dreams.

  8. What an inspiration reading about these successful and extremely busy mumpreneurs. Congrats to all!
    I would love to be featured. My website http://www.littlewellbeings.com.au is a site dedicated to starting an important movement. After seeing the horrible cheap chemical cleaning products used in a large majority of Daycare Centres and Schools, we decided that parent power was needed to force these centres/schools to make the “switch to safer”. At a time when it’s most important to protect our little ones as they grow and develop their immune system, we want to ensure that profit doesn’t take precedence over their health and well being. Pressure from parents who utilise these services can make a big difference to ensuring non toxic products are used in their own centres/school as well as their own homes. When childhood cancer and asthma is at an all time high, this is a necessary step to ensure that we actively do whatever we can to help keep our children healthy and safe right from the beginning.

  9. Hi Shihana,

    What an amazing thread of inspirational women in business, it’s not easy to juggle it all through motherhood but seeing so many small businesses thrive is fantastic!

    My name is Natalie, I’m a Melbourne based Mum. I created an online resource for Special Needs Mum’s, after my youngest daughter had a stroke. It can be extremely isolating raising a child with additional needs and or/ serious medical issues, not to mention all the worry and stress.

    Miracle Mama offers 1:1 coaching, yoga, meditation and community. As well as resources to help Mama’s stay organised with the hospital visits, therapies and more.

    The mission is to empower and uplift mums who are caring for a child with special needs. To help them reconnect with what is most important to them and to meet each day with more ease and flow.


    Thank you

  10. Looks like I am a bit late to the party but I always love to find and read inspiring business success stories from fellow mums! I started my business Threads for Boys in 2013 just after my first son was born out of sheer frustration on the lack of cool boys clothing! I had to constantly fight my way through pink, floras and tutus only to get to a little lonely rack filled with mostly blue and outdated styles. So I decided to look for brands that were unique and edgy whilst still being practical and make them available in one convenient online location. Clothing & accessories that lets boys express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Most of the brands that are stocked are designed/made by fellow Australian mums. I have now been blessed with a second son – so it’s all about the boys!

    • Hi Daniella, great to hear from you and find out a little about your small business Threads for Boys. What a great idea to create an idea from an initial frustration. It clearly is all about the boys at your house and small business. Have a great weekend and thanks for making contact. Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to read more about on the site and in the newsletter.


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