Meet the small businesses who’ll be flying high with 100,000 Qantas Points

Mark, Douglas and Debbie have each won 100,000 Qantas Points

Three very different small businesses won our recent Qantas Business Rewards competition and have each secured 100,000 Qantas Points to power their small businesses forward. Find out who won and how they plan to use their 100,000 Qantas Points below.

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Aspect Wealth Advisors are using their 100,000 Qantas Points for staff development

Winner: Aspect Wealth Advisers. We spoke to Mark O’Loughlan who is a Partner in the firm.

Q. Tell us about your business
The goal we had firmly in our minds when establishing Aspect Wealth Advisers was simple. We wanted to provide personalised financial advice to help our clients understand and improve their financial situation. We help our clients with their personal finances – support their dream of owning a home, educate their children, and have a comfortable retirement. Financial Planning can be quite a broad topic, and it can mean very different things to a lot of people. Although we’re a small but growing business, we have clients all around Australia, and each city or town presents its own unique challenges.

As a business, we are believers in the mantra “practice what you preach”. Therefore, any time I provide advice to a client, it is coming from a perspective knowing it is what I would do myself. Sure, we all work hard and it’s not an easy day’s work. But we do have some fun in the office (usually at my expense) and rarely a day will go past without a laugh between us.

Q. How do you plan to use your business’ 100,000 Qantas Points prize?
Being based in Brisbane we are sometimes limited to the professional development opportunities that are available locally. Most financial services conferences are usually based in Sydney or Melbourne. We plan to use our points for staff development and redeem them for flights to interstate conferences. We also plan to use the points as a staff reward to show our appreciation for their commitment to our growing business. Like every small business, we have our tight budget constraints, so these points will definitely help us to develop, reward and motivate our team.

Q. Now that you’re a member of Qantas Business Rewards, how will your business continue to earn Qantas Points?

  • Qantas flights – we regularly travel to client meetings and conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.
  • Avis – not all our clients live and work in the CBD so it isn’t convenient for them to travel to us. I like to see clients in their home where they can relax, so I’ll be hiring cars with Avis to visit them.
  • Staples – our business needs a lot of office supplies, so we’ll be using Staples for everything from paperclips to presentation folders.
  • Simply Energy – energy is a big cost for any business, but earning points on electricity and gas takes the sting out of paying bills. 

100,000 points will get Doug from Copp’s Carpentry to a Chinese trade fair

Winner: Copp’s Carpentry. We spoke to owner Douglas Copp.

Q. Tell us about your business
I have run my own carpentry business for the past thirty years. I’m based on the Central Coast in NSW and I work on my own from 7am to 4pm five to six days a week.

I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss and love working with my hands. It is great to be able to stand back after a job is complete and admire your work, knowing you’ve created something really functional that will bring a lot of joy to your client.

Q. How do you plan to use your business’ 100,000 Qantas Points prize?
I want to start an import business from China. I’m now 52 and my body won’t be able to keep going as it is so I’ve been thinking about how I can create a new small business. It will be nice to try something different.

As this business would be a start-up I would use the points to travel to China to visit the Canton Trade Fair held in April and October this year to select the items I am going to import. It is a massive exhibition lasting for two weeks and everyone goes there to exhibit their products. I will then need to go back to do factory site visits.

The 100,000 Qantas Points prize will really help to kick start my new business venture. I was very excited to find out I had won, I’m forever entering competitions and I never win. These points will give my small business a real boost!

Q. Now that you’re a member of Qantas Business Rewards, how will your business continue to earn Qantas Points?
I go through plenty of fuel in my line of work as I regularly drive to the North Shore in Sydney as well as all over the Central Coast to visit clients and pick up timber or material for jobs. I spend at least $150 a week on petrol, so earning points and saving 4c a litre every time I fill up at Caltex will make a big difference to my bottom line.

It’s important to have the right insurance to cover me while I’m on the job. That’s why I’m also going to apply for GIO Mobile Business Protect insurance, which is designed to protect tradies like myself and my business when I work on site. Plus I’ll earn Qantas Points when I pay my insurance premiums, which is an added bonus.

I’ll also be applying for the Westpac BusinessChoice Rewards credit card so I can earn points on all my business expenses, including materials. They’ve got an 80,000 bonus points offer for new customers running at the moment, so an extra 80,000 points will really help towards flights for all my upcoming trips to China.

Brisbane Neuropsychology Clinic’s points will help them offer services in regional Queensland

Winner: Brisbane Neuropsychology Clinic. We spoke to director Debbie Anderson. 

Q. Tell us about your business
We are small professional practice, offering neuropsychological assessments. We provide an objective scientific assessment of cognitive function, looking at skills such as memory, concentration, thinking and problem solving. The tests are used to help understand the impact on cognitive function of brain injuries and neurological disorders, including dementias.

The assessment itself takes several hours, and important information can be obtained that is not otherwise available. For example, if someone is worried about declining memory, we can determine whether their performance is out of the ordinary for their age group, and if so, what types of issues might be contributing to it.

Q. How do you plan to use your business’ 100,000 Qantas Points prize?
We have for some time been considering the viability of offering our service in regional areas of Queensland.  Many people who are referred to us face the additional financial burden of travelling to Brisbane for their assessment.

Often our patients are frail, elderly or unwell, so travel can be quite disruptive and financially straining. A carer must also travel with them, so that is an additional cost.  We intend to use our business’ points prize for flights so we can trial offering our services at a variety of locations within regional Queensland.  We hope that this will help us to market our services by visiting referrers, as well as make the experience less disruptive for clients.  If this trial shows that there is the demand that we believe there is, it will give us the information that we need to establish regular visits.

Q. Now that you’re a member of Qantas Business Rewards, how will your business continue to earn Qantas Points?
We regularly use Qantas to travel to conferences both in Australia and overseas, so we’ll be earning points for our business each time we fly on top of the points we earn as individual Qantas Frequent Flyers.

We’re also looking into Deloitte Private Connect’s cloud accounting services that are tailored to suit small businesses like us.


“How our small business benefits from Qantas Business Rewards”



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