Part 1 Cashflow: Increasing cashflow

Three effective ways to attract more traffic, more followers, generate more interest and increase your cash flow.

Episode 9 of Kochie’s Business Builders

After a short break over Christmas, Kochie’s Business Builders is back for 2017! In this episode founder of Skilld and Oneshift, Gen George, meet’s up...

Stop killing your business! Why you need a mobile site

A recent survey of small business owners revealed some very worrying statistics: Many small businesses do not believe that mobile-friendly sites are a top...

Digital strategy: is having a website enough?

While a website is indeed a basic requirement for small businesses, it is not a complete digital marketing strategy in and of itself.

3 smart summer business tools

The summer holidays are a time for relaxation for some. But for many small businesses, this can be when the real pressure sets in....

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