Online marketplaces Catch, Amazon, Kogan and eBay under fire for influencing consumer behaviour

- May 4, 2022 2 MIN READ

The Australian Competition and Consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has its eye on Australia’s four largest marketplaces, Catch, Amazon Australia, eBay and Kogan for using algorithms to influence their customers’ buying behaviour. The big four marketplaces have come under fire in the ACCC’s Digital Platform Services Inquiry report, which suggests that online marketplaces have a high… Read more »

Good & Fugly

Good & Fugly continues the fight against food waste with food rescue hotline for farmers

- April 27, 2022 2 MIN READ

Sydney based social enterprise Good & Fugly has delivered a lifeline to farmers whose produce is being rejected by supermarket giants for failing to meet ‘beauty standards’. The brand has announced a produce ‘rescue’ hotline for farmers to make arrangements for the Good & Fugly team to purchase surplus fruits and vegetables. The 13-000-FUGLY hotline is… Read more »

burnout at work

More than a quarter of Australians feeling overwhelmed, overworked and unable to disconnect from work

- April 21, 2022 2 MIN READ

Lifeworks’ latest Mental Health Index reveals one in four Australians is experiencing burnout – leading to a lack of motivation and concentration and an inability to disconnect from work after hours. Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Jamie MacLennan said while many Australians have benefitted from the ability to work remotely during the pandemic… Read more »