humour- a woman relaxing on couch laughs at something on her mobile phone
Social Media

Make ’em laugh: Why humour is a top social media trend

- February 20, 2024 2 MIN READ

  Humour is the most attractive and attention-grabbing content on social media in 2024. From building positive associations to creating memorable and shareable content, humour gives brands a pathway to humanise their content explains social media expert Amani Youssef. Humour has the power to capture the attention of social media users amidst the vast amount… Read more »

woman creating social media video outdoors
Social Media

Unlock the magic of social media videos: A business’s guide to captivating content 

- February 19, 2024 2 MIN READ

  Why aren’t you using video for your socials? I’ve heard all the excuses. You’ve got a face only your mother could love. You’re time poor. You don’t have professional equipment. Editing is time-consuming. Everyone has an excuse but did you know videos are like super glue for your audience’s memory, asks social media expert… Read more »

Marketing AI

How you can use AI to boost your marketing: Six entrepreneurs tell all

- January 22, 2024 7 MIN READ

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm in recent years, progressing at an explosive pace, particularly since the introduction of Open AI’s ChatGPT a year ago. But how will it impact business? six entrepreneurs share  their thinking… Generative AI, the use of deep-learning AI models to generate new, high-quality content from text to… Read more »

marketing and advertising budget

Top 10 marketing predictions and trends for 2024

- January 18, 2024 5 MIN READ

  It’s a new year, and that means one thing: trends and predictions for the months ahead in various industries. Natalie Koutsikas, founder of Digitale and The Social Club, shares her predictions for marketing in 2024, covering everything from rethinking the way we consider social media in the customer journey,  and how we should actually… Read more »

media concept: a journalist holds a microphone and takes notes on a notepad

11 essential steps to writing a compelling media release for your business

- January 9, 2024 4 MIN READ

For startups and businesses, writing an engaging media release can be a powerful tool for securing coverage of your business, products, and services. Writing a media release is part art and part science, so how can you get it right? PRs Anthony Caruana and Kathryn Goater, Co-CEO’s, Media-Wize share their top tips. PR pros are experts at… Read more »