Three young men and one middle aged woman sit in a hallway dressed in business suits, ageism, age discrimination concept.

The forgotten exclusion: Ageism, older people and diversity in the workplace

- August 1, 2023 3 MIN READ

  In the realm of diversity and inclusion, we often direct our focus towards gender, ethnicity, and other marginalised groups, inadvertently overlooking the silent struggles faced by older adults in the workforce. Ageism, a pervasive issue worldwide, rears its head in various ways, leaving older workers to grapple with discrimination and exclusion writes Peter Mousaferiadis.… Read more »

Finding the right staff for your hospitality business leads to success

How to find the best talent for your hospitality business

- July 27, 2023 3 MIN READ

Talent shortages were most acute in the hospitality industry throughout the pandemic, with former staff pivoting to other careers and international worker numbers dropping. But with borders opening, a new jobs index indicates that the casual labour crunch crippling Australian businesses is largely over, writes Thomas Amos, CEO and co-founder, of Sidekicker. For businesses, this means it’s time… Read more »

older mature worker at factory machine

Getting older Australians back to work is an exciting economic opportunity

- July 21, 2023 5 MIN READ

  Recently the Western Australian government announced a $5.5 million program encouraging employers to hire older jobseekers, and it’s music to Julianne Parkinson’s ears. As the founding CEO of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Parkinson is a long-time advocate of our older Australians’ social and economic potential. She shares why the WA initiative is… Read more »

employee performance evaluation form

Why small businesses should invest time in employee performance

- July 14, 2023 4 MIN READ

  Fostering a feedback culture and encouraging shared knowledge are just two things businesses should consider if they want to improve employee performance, writes Elora Voyles, SME data scientist at Culture Amp. Investing in employee performance If you want to improve performance, small businesses can invest in a combination of strategies that offer employee training,… Read more »

business advisory meeting with consultant coach- coaching
Business Advice

6 things to look for in a business consultant

- July 13, 2023 3 MIN READ

  In times of economic uncertainty, business leaders often turn externally to get impartial advice on the best way to navigate forward. Consultants provide an excellent way of evaluating your business from an external point of view and then mapping out the best way forward based on their experience. They can do this without any… Read more »

Happy group of employees in office

7 simple ways to boost staff retention

- July 11, 2023 4 MIN READ

  According to experience management company Qualtrics XM, engaged employees are 87 per cent less likely to leave their organisation. That means reduced turnover costs in recruiting and training new staff and less lag time between training and full productivity, explains customer service and leadership expert Monique Richardson, author of They Serve Like We Lead.… Read more »