back at work

Forget business as usual as workers return to the office

- December 9, 2020 3 MIN READ

Business Australia Chief Customer Experience Officer Richard Spencer has warned businesses should not expect office life to go ‘back to normal’ as staff return following months of working from home. “In response to COVID-19 lockdowns businesses had to pivot to remote operations almost overnight, now we can’t expect staff to return with that same speed,”… Read more »

sexual harassment

The birds and the bees – how to tackle tough conversations about workplace sexism

- November 10, 2020 5 MIN READ

When it comes to striking fear into parents’ hearts, few things do it more effectively than the thought of having the ‘birds and the bees’ conversation. Similarly, managers and directors of businesses often experience trepidation about broaching workplace sexism and sexual harassment. However, it’s crucial you find the courage to step up and create a… Read more »


Work, culture and the cloud – what 2020 has taught us

- October 16, 2020 3 MIN READ

We’ve learned a lot this year. Businesses have had to deal with numerous challenges brought on by lockdowns, health concerns and remote working. We have seen businesses shift focus or completely rethink their business model. A third of the country’s working population had to adapt to the working from home reality – with mixed results,… Read more »


Tell tale signs of a toxic workplace

- October 16, 2020 3 MIN READ

Have you ever had that feeling that you have landed in a toxic workplace? asks Mark LeBusque, Harvard-trained consultant, author and founder and director of The Human Manager. Something doesn’t feel right. Your logical and intuitive selves seem to be at a standoff, neither prepared to give an inch. The ‘logical you’ is creating stories… Read more »


The power of diversity to unlock growth

- September 25, 2020 3 MIN READ

It took me years to reconcile that Mardi Gras was not a representation of me as a gay man. Rather, it was a celebration of diversity. Likewise, in my professional life, I have realised that diversity in the workplace is more than sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity. Those are traits you are born with. Diversity… Read more »


Why you need to ask this question: R U OK?

- September 10, 2020 3 MIN READ

Updated September 10 2020 As a small business owner you’ll know the daunting task of being across all the aspects of your business, and concern for your employee’s wellbeing is likely one crucial element. This week there will be a lot of noise and media traffic around R U OK? Day and what it means… Read more »


Warning: Business travel will be very different post-COVID-19

- August 20, 2020 2 MIN READ

The 2020 Global Traveller Report found 96 per cent of ANZ business travellers expect long term changes to business travel post-pandemic, In this new world order, hand sanitisers will be the number one travel accessory,  social distancing will mean you always have a free seat next to you, and a handshake is an absolute no-no.… Read more »