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Catch up now on episode 1 of KBB TV series 13

- June 14, 2021 < 1 MIN READ

We’re back for our thirteenth season of Kochie’s Business Builders TV. In this first episode, we catch up with our Favourite Family Business 2020 winners, The Compassionate Kitchen. Plus we chat with Australian model, singer and presenter Erin Holland as she launches her new business venture and we get expert advice on how to plan… Read more »

Business Advice

10 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to sidestep them

- April 13, 2021 6 MIN READ

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 60 per cent of small businesses in Australia close within the first three years, which is often the result of common mistakes made along the way, writes Damian Blumenkranc, a serial entrepreneur and the communications chair at  Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) Melbourne. Often the perks of entrepreneurship… Read more »

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How to re-open your business successfully and attract customers

- November 13, 2020 6 MIN READ

Re-opening requires more than a return to normal. Businesses will still need to address the changes to economic activity, changing cultural norms, societal values and behaviours , writes customer loyalty expert Craig Cherry. To re-open and to out-manoeuvre uncertainty also requires a program of reinvention as confirmed by Accenture in 5 Priorities to help reopen… Read more »

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Can entrepreneurialism be taught?

- October 8, 2020 3 MIN READ

It’s an age-old question with new-found relevance in a COVID world: can entrepreneurialism be taught? The answer depends on asking another, more important, question, writes Alan Manly, author of  The Unlikely Entrepreneur. Are entrepreneurs born or made? I would suggest that yes, entrepreneurialism can be taught in one way or another. However, the real question… Read more »