New online venture celebrates Australia’s best independent small winemakers

Career wine expert John Quinn has launched a new wine retail concept in Australia that has assembled a virtual Dream Team of Australia's best and brightest winemakers. His concept attracted the interest of Lindt CEO Steve Loan, who is his partner in the venture.

The Queenslander disrupting the global dental health market

Angela Wright was frustrated with what mouthwash and teeth whitening products were on the market and set out to create a healthier solution.

Watch: Jack Dorsey talks to SMBs in Melbourne during Square Reader launch

CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey visited Melbourne and Sydney early last month to meet with small business owners who were the early adopters of Square in the local market.

Mick Spencer from ONTHEGO talks about what’s next for the growing brand

It’s been a busy week for Canberra entrepreneur Mick Spencer from ONTHEGO who kicked it off on Channel Ten’s ‘The Shark Tank’.

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