5 website mistakes businesses make and how to fix them

Whether you're using your website for ecommerce or to generate leads, it's frustrating if it doesn't convert. Here's how to increase sales and clientele using your online presence.
Why no one is reading your content

Why no one is reading your content

Producing quality content is of paramount importance but even when you get it right there is still no guarantee that anyone will read it. Clearly,...

How to rank higher in local search

If you’re a small business, ranking well in search results is always important. If you also happen to have a physical store in your...

How can I improve the customer experience?

Many large businesses have historically been good at solving human problems. Netflix makes it easy to stream your favourite movies and films, for example,...

How VR has revolutionised aged care

Oceanic Studios co-founder Beau Barnett spoke to KBB on the amazing work they are doing allowing people in aged care to explore their childhood...
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