Pillars of Success: Protecting your most valuable asset, you!

Imagine you are unable to work due to illness or circumstance... What would happen to your business? In this week's Pillars of Success, Quantum...

Marketing simplicity could be your key to success

Make it simple! This segment of Kochie's Pillars of Success takes a close look at marketing simplicity. Justin Herald from Major Motivation explains how...

Your best assets are your customers says Justin Herald

Marketing guru Justin Herald says customers are the best asset of a small business so make sure you take care of yours. https://youtu.be/ii81-1FmyMs  

Make your marketing make sense says Justin Herald

Ever seen a bad ad? Being funky isn't a way to get attention. Common sense isn't that common these days... "People want normal ways to...

Branding is all about perception says marketing guru Justin Herald

In this week's Pillars of Success segment, marketing guru Justin Herald explains why branding is more than a logo, it's about people's perception of...
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