7 trends that will affect the success of your business

In an era where increasingly affordable technology innovations are helping small businesses compete on a nearly level playing field with large enterprises, the business...

Facing rapid business growth? Focus on your people

As an entrepreneur, it is an incredible feeling when your small business begins to succeed. Suddenly sales are up,  business is booming. It is...

4 leadership tips to help you sustain business growth

Promising start-ups often stagnate after a couple of years, so how can you sustain business growth? Good leadership means investing in your people and...

Why the Australian Business Growth Fund doesn’t go far enough

The government’s promised Australian Business Growth Fund needs to be expanded to include acquisitions and should carry bipartisan support writes Lui Pangiarella founder of...

Survey reveals access to capital a big issue for small business

A survey of the nation’s business owners by specialist business lender GetCapital has revealed SMBs believe access to capital is hindering their business growth.
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