How to create a business strategy

- January 4, 2017 4 MIN READ

Running a business seems like a marathon sometimes. It’s a long journey that takes a lot of courage. However, while our days are full and we are busy focussing on the next meeting or the next deadline, it is important to stop, step back and strategies for the next period. Business as usual is the… Read more »


11 tools for amazing content creation

- January 3, 2017 4 MIN READ

Creating new, relevant content for your audience on a frequent basis is the backbone of a good online marketing strategy. However, this can be time consuming. These great tools that make that job easier and more efficient including tools that assist with generating content ideas, writing and editing content, creating visual content and helping with… Read more »


What’s it like running a family business?

- December 21, 2016 3 MIN READ

Starting a family business can be a risky venture. It takes a lot of consideration and open communication before embarking on such a big journey, even with a family member you get along with to the tenth-degree. Being the Co-Founder of a family-owned and run business, I’ve learnt many anticipated and unexpected lessons over the… Read more »


Skyrocket sales by being an ethical business

- December 19, 2016 2 MIN READ

Would you like to boost sales while making the world a better place?  It’s easy to do, free to implement, and proven to work.  Get ready to ‘give back’ and get more! Here’s how. What’s an ethical business? It’s likely you’ve heard the terms ‘ethical business’, ‘social responsibility’ and ‘giving back’, but in case you’re… Read more »


Double movie passes to Gold

- December 13, 2016 6 MIN READ

  This competition has now ended. Keep an eye out for other competitions coming up.  A riveting drama inspired by the true events of the ‘90s Bre-X Mineral Corporation scandal, GOLD is the epic tale of one man’s pursuit of the American dream, to discover gold. Kenny Wells (Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey) is a… Read more »


Have you made these 5 mistakes?

- December 9, 2016 2 MIN READ

We all know that starting and managing a business is no easy task. Getting the business basics right when you are starting out, including legal and brand protection advice, is essential. From choosing a brand name, to registration, to obtaining a trade mark, there’s a lot to consider including these five things. # 1. Choosing… Read more »


Is my business idea a winner?

- December 7, 2016 3 MIN READ

Like a lot of good things in life … my dream business began unexpectedly. My father returned from Hong Kong with a gift for my mother. He gave her a piece of gorgeous moissanite jewellery. The quality was almost equal to that of a diamond and was just a fraction of the cost. It couldn’t… Read more »