Aussie retailers! Get these 7 things right so you don’t get in hot water...

Whilst great for revenue, you can really get yourself in a tangle if your gift vouchers don’t comply with the law.

Business battleships: what you should know before declaring war

Sometimes, you’ve just got to have a fight to get the outcome you want and need. But, before you draw your weapons, it is wise to see if you can have the victory without the battle.

How to find the right lawyer to work with your business

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Here's how to find a lawyer that works with your business, when you don’t have the budget for an in-house lawyer.

Hayden Cox on protecting your ideas

Tom and I ran up the hill, excited as little kids, chattering away. I was thinking, I’ve got to patent this.

Taking your business to China? Here’s how to protect your brand

Before expanding your business into China there are some key steps you must take to protect your brand and your business.

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