Castle and Cubby: Building a sustainable family business

- September 16, 2016 2 MIN READ

Kellie and Jonathan Stones who have launched family business Castle and Cubby, which is helping to give children a new look on playtime, recycling and vision for sustainable living and playing.

The idea came after the couple built their first son a cubby to allow him his own space when they had their second child.

“Buying a cubby house – they’re all plastic, manufactured and very generic, which just wasn’t our aesthetic at all. We like raw, rustic and natural materials,” Kellie says.

“When we built it, I was reminded of my own childhood and I was sure I wasn’t the only one who would feel this way.”


The couple put an ad on eBay to test the waters and quickly received lots of orders. They are the perfect combination, with Jonathan the builder and problem-solver and Kellie the creative who also does marketing.

Each offer various cubby styles, including beach boxes, farmers’ markets and sandpits, that can be bought or hired for events.

From its first year to its second, the business has enjoyed a 300 percent increase in sales and expanded to a warehouse. Jonathan quit his job to work full-time with Kellie.


It’s a great story of family coming together to start a vision that has brought their family closer together.

“Jonathan was working three jobs so I could be with our children, and now to think we’ve been able to create a business that means we can all work together – we’re pinching ourselves every day,” says Kellie.

Castle & Cubby are little houses built for big imaginations! These unique and quirky little cubby houses are made from 100% recycled and untreated timber fruit and vegetable crates that have been sourced locally.

Each house has an old-world vintage charisma and gifted with their own stamps, knots, dents, knocks- beautiful and charming little ‘birthmarks.’ Made from 100% timber- safe material,each Castle and Cubby is built on your site and provide a small precious world for your little ones to explore, create and expand their mind.


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