How can I secure new clients?

- November 1, 2017 2 MIN READ

Finding clients is a major challenge that all businesses face. This is not something you can put off – you need to know where to find new clients. In our case, the mind mapping exercise proved extremely beneficial in helping us to develop a variety of avenues to obtain new clients and we were able to put these strategies in place.

Avenues for finding new clients include:

  • Creating strategic alliances (these are relationships where two businesses work closely together to cross-refer business between themselves) with businesses that already work with your ideal client
  • Hosting beneficiary relationships (these are relationships where a business will refer work to your business without the expectation that they will receive cross referrals) with businesses that already work with your ideal client
  • Attending regular networking groups
  • Fostering repeat business from existing clients
  • Contacting referrals from existing clients
  • Building an online presence through your website and social media
  • Exploring marketing and advertising options

It is up to you to explore these options in greater detail and work out which are right for you. By testing and measuring different options, you will be able to see which ones work best for you and even find new ones you hadn’t considered.

Make sure that you discuss these different options with your business coach or mentor (if you have one), as there may be other methods that you have yet to consider.

This is an extract from The Business Legal Lifecycle by Jeremy Streten – designed to guide and empower you with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate your business journey.



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