KBB Live On-Demand: Is mobility and flexible work the new normal? Adapt. Connect. Communicate.

Kochie’s Business Builders has partnered with DocuSign to bring you a hard-hitting series of live and digital events to help you unpack the business solutions you need to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch this webcast where Kochie and our panel of experts including Anthony Slater, Tiffany Tai and Imogen Randell talk about the ins and outs of managing a mobile team. Troubleshoot the issues and discover real-world advice on how to make mobile team work for your business.

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  • How working remotely can affect employee experience
  • What is the impact on morale, experience and collaboration
  • How does this play into retention for business owners
  • As a business owner, how do you get mobility right? From investing in training and technology to decision making, what’s vital vs what’s ‘nice to have’
  • How can businesses set up employees at home efficiently
  • Should you try and replicate office experience, or fundamentally change work culture

Take away practical solutions and expert tips to help put your business on the road to recovery.

On-Demand Webcast: Business Mobility

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Meet our panel of experts

David Koch

Passionate about small business, personal finance, AFL and disadvantaged youth, David’s family business, Pinstripe Media is a small business digital agency whose portfolio includes Kochie’s Business Builders, Startup Daily, Flying Solo and Your Money & Your Life.

Tiffany Tai

Tiffany Tai is Canva’s General Manager (GM) of Global Enterprise and Partnerships businesses and Head of Business Operations, bringing over 8 years of experience in high-growth technology businesses. She gets stoked about helping teams evolve their creativity while bringing products to market faster and more connected with their customers. Prior to Canva, Tai built businesses to scale at InVision, CloudFlare, and Dropbox.

Anthony Slater

Anthony is the Director of Customer Success at DocuSign – helping companies digitise their agreement processes.  Anthony has also featured as a digital expert on Channel Nine’s Today Show – being interviewed for various topics including as online privacy, emerging technology, digital trends and social media. He was the co-host of CyberShack from 2010-2015 – a consumer technology program on Channel Nine. Anthony also spent five years at LinkedIn Australia as Head of Customer Success (Sales Solutions) running a team across APAC responsible for helping organisations integrate social media into their business development processes.

Imogen Randell

Imogen heads up two distinct research agencies – Quantum Market Research and Hall & Partners, both part of the Clemenger Group. In her role as CEO she provides strategic advice on the current mindset of businesses and consumers to inform decisions taken by companies and Governments.

Determining trends and using these to forecast what will change, what will stay the same is a key part of Imogen’s role. Quantum has run its own cultural trends research, AustraliaSCAN which for more than 25 years has helped organisations to plan by forecasting shifts in consumer sentiment. The million-dollar question right now is what will change and what’s critical for businesses to recover and rebuild. AustraliaNOW, is a survey run by Quantum five nights a week in response to the pandemic, with a weekly report to provide clues on the next phase of the journey through this situation.

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