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Business is booming for car share disrupter Popcar

- September 24, 2020 2 MIN READ

With new car sales on the decline and the popularity of car share increasing, one Aussie startup has seen a massive 140 per cent growth in the last six months. Launched in 2016, Popcar has seen a huge jump in usage since the coronavirus crisis hit, as Australians eschew taxis and rideshare services to opt for a car share instead.

The case for car share

Car yards have seen their biggest decline in new car sales in 30 years and it’s clear that Australians are seeking an alternative to the tradition of owning and operating a family car. While the popularity of used cars has also surged, the clear winner has been car share providers as Australians seek an affordable alternative to car ownership.

Peer to peer car service Popcar has always been committed to providing a sustainable transport alternative for Australians. However, COVID-19 has seen thousands of Aussies embrace the service as a safer alternative to public transport.

“COVID has been a difficult time for Australians and the world, but we’re extremely proud that we’ve been able to offer a safe and easy-to-use way for people to keep getting around. There’s no reason to risk hopping on a crowded bus or train when you can just grab a Popcar. It’s one less thing that our customers have to worry about,” says Anthony Welsh, director of Popcar.

Aussies consider car share safer than public transport

Popcar use has risen by 42 per cent since COVID as Australians embrace car share during restrictions. Welsh attributes the newfound popularity to the fears the many Aussies have regarding community transmission since COVID-19 changed our lives.

“Incomes are falling and unemployment is rising. People have legitimate economic and health worries. Using a car sharing service like Popcar means less concern about possible contagion, and less worries about coming up with the money to buy a personal vehicle,” Welsh says.

Easy sign up spurring car share converts

Signing up to Popcar’s service is simple, and Welsh suggests far easier than applying for a traditional car rental as users can register online and book a car straight from the Popcar app.

“Our customers come to us because they don’t want to be queuing in long lines at rental agencies. They want the ease of online registration, booking and contactless pickup.

“When we launched Popcar in 2016 it was out of a desire to bring a more sustainable way of getting around to Australians. We couldn’t imagine the world the way it is now. But of course, Popcar is an excellent response to the changing world, allowing people to get out and about, despite lockdown conditions. We’re proud of that,” Welsh concludes.

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