Evic Group has been designing, formulating and manufacturing industrial paints and coatings for more than 50 years. We are proud that our paints are designed and manufactured in Australia. Our team has full access to the Evic Lab and Test Facility. 

We work with our own and other manufacturers to ensure that all of the products we offer meet our specifications and meet our company warranty. We also offer our clients the finest quality products and services at a reasonable amount.

Our brand paints are used in multiple industries including kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, retail, shutters, epoxy floors, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, earthmoving, construction, engineering, mining, metalworking and woodworking.

The Evic Group is a major supplier of air couplings, fittings, hoses, reels, air tools, accessories & oil, auto sealer, anti-chip, underbody, engine, booth filtration, buffing & polishing, cans, mixing cups, jugs, sticks and drum taps & pourers.

We even offer pickup and delivery services anywhere in Australia. At Evic Group, we provide Xpress Tint to save our client's time. It is an online platform to keep the updates of our latest stock online.  

As a result, we excel at creating and selling products that preserve, protect and beautify homes, buildings and structures. We provide the products based on our client’s requirements. Our aim is to provide the perfect coating products to our clients. 

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