Natural Mobility

Hi. My name is Ashley and I want to tell you how ‘Natural Mobility’ came about.

I was at a pony club in Camdem Haven, NSW, instructing children in showjumping. There was a very arthritic pony there called ‘Charlie’ who was a very safe conveyance for a very nervous young rider. ‘Charlie’ was finding it very hard going due to his arthritis and age (22 years). After seeing this pony over a period of six months I decided that I couldn’t keep teaching with ’Charlie’ any longer due to his degree of lameness. As his young rider loved him dearly and refused to go onto another pony, her Mum decided to see what was available on the market for arthritis in horses. Green Lip Mussel powder was found to be the key nutrient that helped Charlie.

Charlie had only been on the product for 4 days when next I saw him. I was stunned at what I saw. The old pony had his ears pricked and was literally dancing along. You could almost see the smile on his face.

I obtained the bottle and tracked down the product. I acquired some for myself.

My life changed. For the first time in years I was pain free. My husband who previously required two knee replacements, no longer does so and has gone back to climbing ladders as an electrician. My dog stays sound so long as he remains on 4 tablets a day and my horse, well that’s an amazing story.

After 13 years selling a brand name product we then decided we were so confident in the results from Green Lip Mussel powder that we should developed our own product line Natural Mobility for joint care.

My body is totally pain free of arthritis and now my goal is weight loss. At last I feel I can achieve this because I am pain free and able to exercise.

Ashley Jankowski

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