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How we’re doing business during lockdown We're open and here for you

I can do zoom calls while in lockdown or can meet up when lockdown is over.

I’m Marina Garbuio. I’m a Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist and teach Marketing at RMIT University. I look at all aspects of your online marketing so you are in the right place, at the right time to reach your right client with your right product or service and get the best return on investment.

Items include selling services or product, gaining leads, creating funnels or social media. So, it’s all about what your business needs to implement to elevate your brand awareness and conversion.

I am available for:

- Marketing Strategy Consultation (let's realistically work out what marketing your business need first)
- Training and Workshops
- Marketing Management (if you know what you need, then let's implement it)
- Keynote Speaking in Digital and Social Media Marketing

My expertise is working with professional business services (ie: accountants, lawyers, builders, tradies, brokers etc) and manufacturers with products to sell.

If you’re a service business who wants to grow their business through marketing, let’s have a chat!

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