If you're looking for top-quality trailers, look no further than Mario Trailers! With over 24 years of experience, we've established ourselves as a premier trailer manufacturer in Sydney, offering an extensive range of trailers to cater to your diverse needs.

Mario Trailers specialises in manufacturing superior quality trailers, including box trailers and custom-made trailer options. With years of dedication, Mario Trailers has become a primary trailer manufacturer in Sydney. Our relentless commitment has fuelled our steady expansion, and today, we operate from two locations in Australia.

Every trailer made by Mario Trailers is built to withstand the rough Australian outback, ensuring durability in the harshest conditions. We offer an extensive selection of cost-effective trailer packages to accommodate our growing customer base. Regardless of your financial constraints, you'll find a trailer that suits your needs perfectly.

Why Choose Us?

- As the manufacturer, we eliminate intermediaries, saving you money.
- We are a 100% Australian-owned and family-operated business.
- Benefit from our extensive 24-year industry experience.
- Our trailers meet strict Australian standards and come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.
- Our trailers are built with industry-leading, durable frameworks.
- Custom-made trailers are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.
- We source all parts and accessories within Australia.
- Metal components are obtained from local suppliers.
- We offer a wide trailer range to select from.
- We provide true value for your investment.

Choose from our wide trailer range:

- Bike Trailers/ Motorcycle Trailers
- Box Trailers
- Car Trailers
- Enclosed Trailers
- Galvanised Trailers
- Lawn Mower Trailers
- Machinery Trailers
- Off-Road Camping Trailers
- PMG Trailers
- Table Top Trailers
- Tandem Trailers
- Tipping Trailers
- Tradesman Trailers

At Mario Trailers, we're committed to delivering top-quality, Australian-made trailers at competitive prices. Buy trailers at the best price at Mario Trailers!

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